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brotin tablet and prolactin levels

Hi. My prolactin is 30.52 ng/ml. As per my laboratory reports, a normal prolactin range is 3.8 ng/ml to 23 ng/ml. My doctor has advised me to take the brotin 2.5 mg tab twice a day. Should I continue? ## My prolactin level is also high and I took cabergoline for eight weeks and felt much better with the medicine. Now that I stopped the medicine, I again feel pain in my breasts and headache. Take the medicines regularly and also go for the test after every two or three months. ## Hi. My prolactin level is 55.33. My doctor advised me to take brotin tablets, which I've been taking for the last 5 days. My periods are usually regular but this time around I missed my last period and it's been 1 week already. Am i pregnant or is this a side effect of the medicine? If i am pregnant, is ...

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pcod and increased prolactin

Hi!! I am a 25 years old unmarried girl. I was diagnosed with pcod three months ago and am on pills. I have increased prolactin(38) for which I took cabergoline for eight weeks. Aftr stopping d cabergoline I started feeling pain in both my breasts. I usually have headache an the back of my head and feel dizzy. I also suffer from acidity and stomach ache. I also observe brown discharge sometimes. Please let me know if I am taking the right medicines and what to do with the breast ache and other problems. My periods are normal but I am fed up of brown spotting between the cycles.


I was on carbergoline 0.25 twice weekly for one month and had terrible hot flashes . Now off of it for almost 2 weeks and the flashes continue. any one know why? ## Generally, a month is the length of time it takes for a medication to reach its full efficacy level in the body and, once that happens, it can take several weeks for it to fully process out and for any side effects to completely wear off. Learn more Cabergoline details here. However, you might want to check with your doctor, just to be sure it's a side effect of the medication and not caused by something else. Are there any other questions or comments?

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side effects for cabergoline

I have been taking it for 11/2 yr am 71, I take it 4 times a week 0.5 and I have a lot of depression. I just hate to think about taking something for this. do you know of something besides cabergoline to take for a tumor on the pituitary gland. ## Have you consulted your doctor? This isn't a listed side effect of the Cabergoline, but there is never any way to know how any medication will affect any certain person that uses it. You can read more about Pituitary tumors and the treatment options here:

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