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Morgan Says:

I see hemp or CBD products everywhere: Target, online, Walmart, 711, gas stations, etc. Has anybody tried to use CBD with success?

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Morgan Says:

I would advise buying CBD in its flower form.

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bdnej Says:

This morning after I showered I put CBD lotion I got for like $30 at the vape shop..... and I have 4 herniated discs in my lower back. They wanted surgery I jus took pills when I was younger. Like OC80s and percs and norcos....but I stopped all that about 8 years ago and when I tried the lotion.....it got rid of all pain for 12 hours on my lower back. It will get worse eventually but it’s a godsend.

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Judy Says:

Interested in learning more about it for sleep and anxiety..

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Morgan Says:

Berkshire CBD has the best flowers.

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Optimistic Says:

I like topical the best. You can research some brands at labdoor.com. Whatever you do, don’t buy MLM "direct sales" brands.

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Renee Says:

Re: Morgan (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Hey Morgan I would like to know if it really works also!! If you get any info please write back... Good luck on this quest!!

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Cln Says:

I have used it for anxiety and found relief. For sleep, it usually calms my brain so, it's not racing. Makes it easier to feall asleep.
Study up on the terpenes which are useful for your needs and pick strains which are the strongest with those terpenes.
If you can legally use marijuana, that is even better for sleep.
I've also, given it to my dog for stress and resulting seizures. She has not had a seizure in 18 months. Sublingual is best unless you are okay inhaling it.
I understand CBDistillery is good/reputable.
Good luck!

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Jess Says:

Delayed response and weight gain , so no . Also , there are Leto gummies that contain hidden CBD . Does anyone know how I can test for traces of CbD at home ? Not good for me

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Optimistic Says:

There’s a web site called Labdoor that tests supplement, since they aren’t regulated. It’s a pretty good resource for finding legit products. Last time I looked they hadn’t tested many CBD brands.

I used Sol CBD back when I couldn’t get pain management and I didn’t realize it was working that well until it was all I was taking. I liked the lipsomal version.

***Please note CBD reacts weird with meds that shouldn’t be taken with grapefruit. It does what the grapefruit does.***

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Optimistic Says:

Re: bdnej (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Oh yep I LOVED topical CBD products.

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