Butrans Patches Number 10s

Dal Says:

I'm on my 5th week of the 10mg patches. I have no side effects, But it doesn't take my back pain away. It does help. I was on 30mg oxycodone 4 times a day. It did take the pain away. But I lost 35 lb and I didn't have 35lb to lose. I looked like a scare crow. I couldn't eat. I told the pain Dr. to get me off the Oxy. He gave me methadone to get off. It took a month. I go back to the pain Dr Tues. I want to try the Butrans 20. I hate to see the cost. I paid $239.00 for the 10s.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Dal! How are you?

Have you considered trying the Fentanyl patch?

It is a much stronger analgesic and is available as a generic, so it's much cheaper.

Learn more Fentanyl details here.

This is a narcotic analgesic, so it has the potential to be habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

It's something you could discuss with your doctor, anyway.

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Dal Says:

Actual I have some Fentanyl 25/mcg/hr patches. But they wouldn't stay on

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Sandi T Says:

I just started the Butrans patch 10mg this morning. I have and am taking 10/325 Percocet, too. I am curious if the patch and the oxy caused your weight loss. It might be good if he could give you something like Suboxone to get the oxy out of your body then maybe you could start it again at a later time and it would then work. I know I was on Oxycontin 40mg 3x's a day for years and had no trouble getting off it. I paced the hall and prayed a lot as the antsy feeling was awful, but I got thru it. I sincerely hope you get better results soon.

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URfriend Says:

Been on Butrans for years, once they really build
Up in your system you are good to go the very good medication no withdrawals are not as bad as anything else I've been on.

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sue12 Says:

hi how many weeks before they start to help, been on that 1 week feel very tired all time

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Krista Says:

First off they do have a discount program for the Butrans. Secondly, have you had a U/A yet? There are many issues with people who are using the patches faithfully (myself included) and the Butrans not showing up in the U/A. Seems no one can figure out why. Wrong test, med interaction, dosage, whatever, but maybe for some reason its not in your system and that's why you aren't feeling relief. Can you tell I am a disgruntled Butrans user? I nearly got booted from pain management for false negatives so they put me on oxy (um duh...) im not happy but I don't want to get booted. I'm a recovering addict (10yrs) and a Drug and Alcohol Counselor looking for a new job. That's not going to look good even with a note from the Dr. My suggestion...try something else.

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Tad68 Says:

I started a Butrans 10mcg patch yesterday. I noticed a benefit the next morning. I have been taking 60mg oxycodone and 300 mg Lyrica for pain from shingles. My doctor reducing the level of oxycodone in my system by holding off on the pills as long as I could before putting on the patch. I think I held off too long because the pain returned to the worst level in weeks, even after I took higher doses after I put the patch on. Today I've needed fewer pills to deal with pain through the day. It's not supposed to help this fast. Maybe it's just dealing nicely with my mini withdrawal, which its known for. I've noticed complaints on the net from a lot of false negatives in U/D for butrans. That's terrible to deal with until they improve the diagnostic that's used..

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sue Says:

Hi how long did they take to work,I have been on 5micro, one, s 3 days

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