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Where to get Butamben Picrate

Where can I purchase this? I am almost out. ## I am looking for Butesin Picrate an anesthetic ointment for minor burns, it was made by Abbot Labs. it contains 1% butamben picrate, inactive ingredients anhydrous lanolin,ceresin wax,methylparaben,mineral oil,mixed triglycerides, potassium chloride,propylparaben,sodium borate. I have used this for years and always gave it as part of a wedding shower gift. It is the best thing for burns there is and I cannot find it. I am almost out. ## Here it is months after your request concerning Butamben Picrate. I, too, have rationed out this remarkable burn treatment ointment for over 40 years. My tube says it also contains Metaphen. If your were successful in found this product or even a near duplicate I'd love to hear from you. ## I too have be...

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