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Adrian Says:

I went to my pharmacy today here in Canada to be told that Smith Kline Glaxo is no longer making Buro Sol. Is this the case and, if it is, what are my alternatives?

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Wubs Says:

I know this is an old thread, but if you are still looking, an exact replacement is called "Dermburo" and it is sold at Shoppers Drug Mart in Ontario. Contact the manufacturer and ask where you can buy it in your area:


The two ingredients listed will bond together chemically in water to produce the Aluminum Acetate that was the ingredient in Buro-sol.

Hope this helps!

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Adrian Says:

Update on the Buro-Sol campaign: Finally, I've found someone who will forward my concerns to the powers that be at GSK. I'm about to send my complaint about GSK's decision to cease production of Buro-Sol to the following group mailbox: [email protected] (GlaxoSmithKline Inc.) for the attention of Sylvie. Sylvie has assured me that my complaint will be forwarded to the appropriate person. May I suggest that you follow up as well?

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Brian Says:

I too just learned (4/5/13) it has been discontinued. I think you are talking about the ear drops to prevent swimmers ear. I can't believe it. Is the person in this thread suggestion powders aware of the ingredients? I think the powder is for skin conditions isn't it? I want to know:
(a) if there is some sort of substitute and
(b) how to protest this action on the part of the manufacturer.

I would think that tens of thousands of swimmers will be affected adversely. Anyone who has chronic swimmers ear understands the difficulty we are in!!!

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Susan Says:

I have tried to find Buro Sol in Ottawa with no success. Every pharmacy says it is gone. However Bayer has a similar product out of the US called DOMEBORO ASTRINGENT SOLUTION
if you check out this product it is very similar to the Canadian version of Buro Sol.
I found it on ebay through a US supplier.

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Bri Says:

I have been back and forth with Haber's by e-mail and also got more info on the locally available product. This was all for the ear drops to prevent swimmers ear.

First, told them I could obtain a substitute locally w/o prescription. Habers no longer requires a prescription.

BuroSol by GSK sold in pharmacies for $ .28/ml and had a shelf life of 12 months +, ie in the 60 ml bottles..

Initially, Habers quoted $ 1.50/ml with a shelf of 1 month, based on 10 ml order. I told them I had a local quote at $ 1.07/ml, with 6 months best before, based on 100 ml order. Most recently, Haber's quoted .33/ml based on a minimum order of six 60 ml bottles ($ 19.95 ea). They estimate the true shelf life to be at least 12 months (see below).Their latest quote is good for one year. Shipping cost in GTA is 15$ anywhere else in Ontario it would be $17.

This latest deal sounds very good - only about $3 per 60ml bottle more than what Buro Sol by GSK cost. Habers - 1584 Bathurst St Toronto, ON M5P 3H3
(416) 656-9800
E-mail Arpan at: [email protected]

The compound Habers would make is based on the ingredient list provided by GSK. There are total of 4 ingredients in the GSK product.
Actives: Aluminum Acetate and Benzethonium Chloride
Inactives: distilled water and sodium diacetate.

So far they have been unable to source the preservative used by GSK (sodium diacetate). They explained:

"We cannot source sodium diacetate and I highly doubt your local pharmacy can either. I have tried almost every possible supplier out there for sodium diacetate and still cannot procure it. I talked to a pharmacist consultant regarding preparing Buro-Sol without Sodium diacetate and he said it's perfectly fine.

The short dating is because of the USP guidelines which states that any preparation for non oral use having water in it should not be given longer than 30 days best before date. That does not mean the product is not suitable for use after 30 days. Since the commercial product had a 12month+ expiry I would not be concerned if you were to use the compounded product for 12 months."

Hope this helps you folks with swimmer's ear issues.

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Amanda Says:

There is now something very similar called Dermburo. Box looks very similar to the buro Sol box and comes in the packets (you have to mix with water) just like burosol. I saw it in shoppers drug mart for 21. 99 which was the same price as the burosol use to be in shopper's drug mart.

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Dermtek Says:

Burosol has been discontinued for years - true. You may ask your pharmacist to order DERMBURO for Canadian manufacturer Dermtek Pharma (regrettably - no direct sales to consumers). You may also purchase online through HealthSnap Canada.

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LGirl Says:

I currently am using Buro-sol powder with water to make solution. I live in a town west of Toronto Canada and its available here in most if not all the pharmacy's. some are now keeping the powder behind the counter but others have it with their antiseptics, polysporin and bandaids - first aid aisle. If you are not finding it in your area it's also available on amazon.ca Once powder mixed with water it can be stored for up to 90 days in a sealed glass container

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Anonymous Says:

I just bought it in New Orleans. Same active ingredient, different brand name. What I bought here is called Domeboro

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Bri Says:

Yes, it was discontinued. I am not aware of any alternative that would be exactly as good. Some pharmacists have suggested using vinegar, diluted vinegar as preventative as well as drying ears as well as can be. Others have suggested to be patient, that SKG will probably bring it back in some "new & improved" and more expensive form. Stay tuned?

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shirley Says:

i found some in jean coutu in joliette. they say they stocked up when they heard it was being discontinued. but i want to know why it is discontinued!

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K Says:

Stuart Ellis Pharmacy in Collingwood, compounds an alternative to Buro-sol esp for poison ivy and for puppies feet. Because they stopped making it

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Gerald Says:

my wife used Burosol ear drops for years following post radiation treatment. As it is no longer available in Canada, there are two questions:
1. Is it available in the U.S.?
2. What is the alternative?

Thank you

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Dermtek Says:

You can find buro-sol under the name dermburo now in Canada. Simply ask your pharmacist.

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Bri Says:

I spoke with GSK again today and there are still no plans to bring back the ear drops.

It was suggested that people who care about this issue phone their Consumer Healthcare product line at 1-800-250-8866 to register their concern.

The more calls they get about this, the more likely they might bring it back.

Please call them and tell them how serious this is for you. Bring back Buro-Sol eardrops for swimmers ear!!!

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John Says:

Auro-Dri available in Canada. Ingredients Isopropyl Alcohol 95% in 5% Anhydrous Glycerin

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nancy Says:

GSK says will not be bringing back Buro-Sol
I contacted them for the 'forumulation' and have provided it to a compounding pharmacy in Toronto. (Habers)
Perhaps if they get enough enquiries they will formulate this for us.
Habers phone number is 416-656-9800...be nice and say please!

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Bri Says:

What is the formulation for the eardrops?

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nancy Says:

Brian you need to contact GSK for the formulation. It takes about a week for them to get it to you, but they will eventually get it for you. Then you can take it to a compounding pharmacy and hopefully they will formulate it for you.
I got the GSK email from one of the messages on this chat! good luck

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Bri Says:

Thanks, Nancy.

Haber's is in my old neighborhood. Used to live on Alcina below St Clair. :-)

Has Habers given you a price? How long or will they be testing it do you know?

I understand that an (unnamed) pharmacy in Stouffville (probably a PharmaSave) is currently testing a formulation. They don't seem to know how long this phase might take.

Thanks a million!

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