Burning Sensation In The Soles Of My Feet

kavita bhandari Says:

i have beenadvised to take depsonil. is it right for my diagnosis. will it have any side effects. i am 50 yrs old.

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Balbir Singh Says:

i have been burning sensation in both feet for the last 20 days and having red veins around the feet. sometimes i saw red colour small nerves around the legs and becomes miner itching sensation around the legs without any red spot. i feel better to put my feet in cold water. i cannot stand for a long time due burning sentation. plz let me know about my disease. i got medicine but no relief.

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James Says:

Burning soles of feet.

My observations :
1. More burning sensation when i sit. When i lay down in sleep position i dont feel burning sensation. We can say 10 : 1 ratio to sit and sleep positions.
2. More sensation when wearing shoes than sandals when sitting.
3. While walking no burning sensation.
4. No swelling and pain. I pressed all my leg fingers and entire feet.
5. If i keep my feet idle without movement, then constant burning sensation exists. If i move my feet little bit burning sensation will be off.
6. More burning sensation in my left feet sole than in my right sole.

Tests conducted:
Nerve conductance Test - NORMAL
Diabetes - NORMAL
No Skin diseases

What i did before my burning sensation started?

I stopped eating food for 20 days. Two days once i had just 2 bananas. I was in so much depression because of my family problems. I went through so much tension.
I soaked my both feet in warm water two days for about 20 minutes. Very next day it started burning. Since two days my left palm started mild burning. I dont want to live with this condition. Please help me which doctor to consult and what could be my issue?

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Asad Says:

Dear i have almost similar conditions. If u have had any remedy, pl share.

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Postal canary Says:

This just started out of nowhere? Maybe I've picked up a skin fungus.
If uve had it for a while, get checked for diabetis. Or hepatitis. Hep c or hepb. Both hepatitis and diabetis cause something called peripheral neuropathy. It affects your feet and hands and can also effect ur arms and legs. It can just be and itch or tingly feeling or it can be debilitating.
Take care

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