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My pharmacy has been giving me refills of the generic bupropion for my last two refills that are manufactured by CIPLA. The pill is oblong and has the number 13 on one side and what appears to be a capital I on the other side. I do not feel that this generic is doing much for me. I have researched this manufacture they are located in India. Approximately 45% of the medications that are sold in the United States are manufactured in foreign countries. I am going to call my pharmacy to see if they can get one of the generics that were previously dispensed to me. The buyers for drugs at pharmacies look to find lower priced drugs, which I understand.

I have been taking Wellbutrin XL 150 mg three tablets daily for about eight years including the generic form. This medication helped my severe depression. I have tried many other families of antidepressant medications that did not work or caused side effects. The cost for the brand Wellbutrin XL continued to increase because of big Pharma greed (a discussion for another time). Eventually I had to go to the generic Wellbutrin because of the cost and my insurance would not pay for brand or my copay was too much.

When I could no longer work because of my Multiple Sclerosis and another incurable gene mutation condition I eventually received Medicare. I continued to take generic bupropion XL because I had no choice. Various generics of this medication have been dispensed to me for a number of years. The generics have never been a good as the brand Wellbutrin. For those of you that may not be aware a study was done that proved there was a difference between the brand and the generic. The main factor is that generic Wellbutrin XL rises quickly in your bloodstream then drops. The brand Wellbutrin rises up in your blood stream then goes down over a number of hours.

Perhaps for some people the generic form of Wellbutrin works okay for them. In generic medications different fillers are used and the percentage of the main ingredient can be less or higher on either side of the main ingredient. I know a pharmacist that explained this to me that confirmed my suspicions. I take other medications that are generic that seem to do okay. Nevertheless, I firmly believe that certain medications such as antidepressants, seizure medications to include some others should not be propped up as being a bioequivalent.

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Hello, Pat! How are you? I am sorry about the problems you're having.

Yes, you can read about the allowable differences in generic medications by looking up the Hatch-Waxman Act of 1984. They can differ from the name brand by a maximum of plus or minus 20%. They also don't have to measure against each other, only against the name brand, so it is conceivable that you could get one that's slightly higher, for awhile, then suddenly receive a different one that is slightly lower, which could cause it to not work as well for you.

Have you had any luck getting the pharmacy to order in a different one for you?

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I began taking the Cipla version of Bupropion HCL XL 300mg 4 days ago. Each day I've had a strong, clustered headache; the headache would be minute in the morning and then grow after taking the medication.

In addition, my vision has been a little blurry and I've felt off and fatigued. Nothing else in terms of medications, lifestyle, diet, etc. has changed these past 4 days. Given the timing, I can only assume it's due to the medication.

I've taken 3 generic brands of Wellbutrin XL 300mg in the past, each without issue. This is the first generic that has caused me problems. CVS is going to refill with their remaining supply of Achen (a white pill marked A 102), but I was told that the location would no longer be carrying it. When I inquired over the phone as to whether any locations in the area would continue offering a different generic, I was told I'd have to check each location in person.

If you are having similar side effects as I am, I encourage you to report the medication to the FDA and CVS. I've seen multiple other reports of the same side effects on this forum and elsewhere regarding Cipla's version.

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I switched over from PAR to Cipla (Bupropion 300 mg XL) 3 days ago. Had been taking it for year plus for major depression and doing really well. After switching I had green/yellow flashing visuals, lightheadedness/distant, difficultly concentrating. The next day I had all of that plus a headache and extreme fatigue, and have been sweating/clammy. Had to take a 3+ hour nap (haven't done that in over a year). Emotionally I feel drained and have had to skip activities because I cannot concentrate. Cannot stop crying. This medicine definitely is NOT equivalent to the PAR generic. I've switched back to PAR this morning, but do not yet have any relief.

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I've been having those syptoms as well since I got my refill 3 weeks ago. Also noticed I was suddenly switched to Cipla from Mylan. My syptoms have included cluster headaches, dizziness, spaceyness/unable to focus, and minor nausea. I'll be calling CVS tomorrow, how do you report it to the FDA?

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IMGT: you can report medications to the FDA via their "MedWatch" program. Not sure if this site allows direct links, but if you google FDA MedWatch, you'll find it.

BioEq: I hope things are getting better now that you switched back. Hang in there.

An update on my situation:

I began taking Par/Achen again this morning ("A 102" marking on the pill). 7 and 1/2 hours in, my headache has diminished to a dull ache (instead of flaring up after taking the Cipla), I am much more energetic, and I am beginning to feel better overall--less out of it, vision is becoming sharper again, and I can finally focus a bit. The difference in such a short amount of time is remarkable.

Just to add to my previous note, here's the 3 generics I've taken (there's more than just these besides the Cipla that I have not taken) without issue:

-White oval pill marked "A 102" (made by Par/Achen, a subsidiary of Par.)
-White oval pill marked "WPI 3332" (made by Watson.)
-White elliptical pill marked "142" (made by Actavis.)

I'll be notifying my doctor as well about the Cipla "I 71" pill.

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MyHeadsHurts: Thank you, I'll look into that. CVS is helping me switch back to Mylan SR soon, and I hope that helps me go back to normal. In addition to physical symptoms I've noticed a return of depressive symptoms. It essentially felt like I haven't been taking any meds.

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I was taking the brand name Wellbutrin SR 150 twice a day for 2 mos. I took it years ago and had problems with the generic one so switched to the brand name and was fine. When I went back on it this time, I insisted on the brand. I was having a lot of anxiety on it although it did help mood, and when I started seeing a psychiatrist she suggested they wellbutrin xl 300 as she felt the delivery on xl would do better with anxiety. I agreed to the generic and the first 2 weekd I did feel better re: anxiety , then I kind of leveled off. I did notice a lot of cravings and mentioned this last week. She suggested Contrave as an adjunct and I declined because of the naltraxone (crazy stuff). I'm almost at the end of the month and the mood effect is waning, I've lost all my motivation, getting a little weepy again and wicked carb cravings which I'm giving into and gaining weight so I'm going to ask her to give me the brand name and see if there is a diff.

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Not only did Cipla's version of Wellbutrin do absolutely nothing for my depression, but it gave me headaches, severe bloating and uncontrollable gas. To make matters worse, I gained 5 pounds in 2 weeks. Needless to say I went off and currently looking for a pharmacy which carries a decent generic brand.thanks for nothing CVS and Cipla!

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I just started this brand of wellbutrin a few minutes ago. Also take ativan 2mg twice daily. I am a nervous wreck. All the pharmacist kept saying was information about seizures over and over. So what brand is better or should I wait and see if this one works

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YES YES YES. The CIPLA sucks!!!! Big time. I feel like I'm going through withdrawals.

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Re: bupropion hcl xl CIPLA mfg. CVS pharmacist said no more PAR mfg., their cost, I'm sure. Does anyone know another chain pharm that carries PAR? Happy to leave CVS far, far behind

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I was calling various pharms today looking for Sandoz or Mylan. Sandoz doesn't make a generic for the XL, only reg. and SR. Mylan only makes XL in 150s or 300 at qty 500. That said, an independent pharm was able to order Actavis (Teva is their generic arm). CVS said they could try but no guarantees. Walgreens same. One other private pharm had access to PAR. It was AHF (Aids Healthcare Foundation or AHF.org to search your area) in Ft. Lauderdale. With the indys, availability is contingent on their wholesale distributor.

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I just called my local HEB (if you have those in your area) and they said they still carry Phar Pharmaceutical. I've been on Cipla for 2 data and feel ok but I'd like to know if anything goes wrong then I can go back to Phar.

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Found bup hcl lx @ Walmart PAR mfg! Is this detailed enough?

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Walgreen special ordered the Par brand for me, the Actavis gave me bad side effects that I never experienced with any of the other generic brands.

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I started on this a couple of months ago and everyone said I need to get off of it because it is not helping me loose weight. I'm getting so upset on it I literally pull my hair out. I snap at everyone and everything. Does anyone know if it raises your heart rate and blood pressure? I never had that issue. Blood pressure has always been so low for both doctors and they'd jokingly ask "are you alive"?

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Do you all honestly think the workers in India have a salary equivalent to the prices we pay for meds?? I DONT THINK SO!! SOMEONE IS BANKING BIG BUCKS

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This isn't a weight loss medication. It's for people who suffer from depression.

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it is not for weight loss, although some do lose weight on it. Further, it tends to not cause the weight gain many experience on SSRIs.
It absolutely can raise blood pressure. Experiencing this now but I've done pretty well on WB so working with PCP & Pdoc to manage the bp with a bp med.

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So sorry to hear you are dealing with this. I have had success with the bupropion XL generic by Par pharmacy. I was switched the Cipla for a couple of months (without my knowledge) and I had terrible gastrointestinal distress. Depending on where you fill your prescription, you can request a different supplier. I use CVS and request the Par bupropion XL. Good luck!

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I have had problems each time my Buproprion Rx has been filled with Cipla. This last time, it had been years so I had completely forgotten to check which manufacturer the pharmacy had used. Within days I was feeling suicidal and getting ready to blow up my life because of the depression. Then I realized the symptoms started with my new bottle of pills and looked, sure enough it was Cipla. Whatever it is about their version, it severely amplifies my depression instead of resolving it.

I've been taking this prescription for years and have only had issues when using the Cipla generic. All other generics have worked as expected.

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Re: Eforest (# 28) Expand Referenced Message

How positive are you the Cipla versions of bupropion XL are responsible for withdrawal feelings and awful side effects we all agree with and it isn’t withdrawal from changing generic manufactures ?

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Re: IMGT (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Did they go away? Does anyone know why we have these side effects.

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Re: BioEquivlaneceMyArse (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

Did your bad side effects from Cipla ever go away? I could swear cipla helped lower my anxiety but messed my cognitive thinking and also eyesight up. Insane issues w processing information and reading

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Re: LOVE (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

How long did you stay on cipla? Because I tried 150 XL and 300 and found myself sinking into what you describe as withdrawals.

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Y'all, somehow this kind is really good for me. I take my meds at night, as I can sleep perfectly. However, the past two nights (when I got my refill via Publix) I've been staying up kind of almost all night . But it's more to do with wanting to instead of literally unable to falll asleep.
I will
Seriously hate the never ending switching up super random times. It's ridiculous! Most the time the seitch up has negative effects - SOLCO bupropion 200 SR IS THE WORST SHT EVER. it's actually makers is impossible to pronounce long Chinese name, although the main issue is the TWO different WARNING LETTER S from the FDA about major issues in them faking the testing and using the same exact data and just changing the date ,I mean just all kinds of crazy things . It's available to read if nyone is interested in seeing a very detailed set of warning letters and SOLCO responses (the actual name is like zhuedang zou or something of that nature .

Anyway, I was stuck with the garbage and ended up asking my doctor If he couod prescribe a different form of bupropion so I could get actual medication that worked. I currently take the 300 mg xl . I have not had any issues with these so far.

Just wanted to share !

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Re: AnnieMae (# 40) Expand Referenced Message

It's definitely worth investigating. You could also switch pharmacies

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Re: NotCipla (# 39) Expand Referenced Message

I don't know if my Pharmacy will allow me to get that brand I'm really perplexed about this whole thing and unhappy.

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I became brave again and started on the Parr XL March 30th. It has worked wonders, I dropped 10 lbs, which was a good thing! I have lots of energy and am once again my optimistic self.

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I realize you wrote this post awhile ago but I have a question can you tell me what generics did work for you because recently when I picked up prescriptions they had no more of one of the generics I've taken which is Actavis I don't know that it's helping me at all either and now they've given me the cipla and I'm a little disturbed about it.
If anyone else wants to try and please do I'm finding myself extremely depressed and I don't like it my pills are the generic ER extended release I think it says Sr / ER

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