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Are we sure that bronkaid tablets haven't been taken off the market in some areas? I went to 3 different drug stores today, in Columbus County, North Carolina, to purchase, and there was an empty shelf where they once were. Not even the pharmacists could say whether they had been discontinued. ## Bronkaid is not being carried in drug stores in Columbia city indiana ## Thanks for your kind response. ## Bronkaid was discontinued as of 12/31/11 due to a phase out of these types of medications. Have you tried consulting your doctor about using an alternative medication? ## Actually, we have not. The medicines are for my wife, who has had bouts with asthma her entire life. It seems that once we find something that works, it is discontinued. The physicians advice, I suppose, is always goo...

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Bronkaid packaging recall

December 10th, 2012 Bayer had a voluntary recall of Bronkaid for wording that was left off of some packages. Walmart does not have it in stock right now and was part of the recall. Walmart could not tell me when it would be back on their shelves but they said it would be back. I am guessing Bayer is going to repackage all the ones that did not have the correct wording on the back of the boxes pertaining to use and such of Bronkaid. This was a mistake on Bayers part and that is why the voluntary recall. Hopefully it will be back on shelves soon. ## Thanks for taking the time to share this information. If it's of any help, I came across more specific details on the packaging recall, linked below: Unfortunately they do not state when it will be back o...

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Laws prevent purchase of Bronkaid for asthma

I find it difficult to purchase epinephrine (Bronkaid Tablets) for asthma because the states New York (where I work) and New Jersey (where I live) are more worried about people purchasing Bronkaid tablets for making crystal meth than they are about making it available to people who need it for health reasons. I don't drive, don't have a license to scan to purchase them in states that require ID, nor do I have a passport. So, now you have to have a passport or license to get medications for a chronic illness. This is very unfair to people who are ill; the government is far too paranoid for my health. ## I am very sorry about what you are going through, however, these practices have been in place for several years, now and the DEA has recently begun cracking down on pharmacies tha...

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