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I am taking the Nasatapp Decongestant Antihistamine 12 mg Tablet. I would like to know if it is the cause of my drowsiness? ## I have to drowsed/my body was so weak on taking this medicine... but i could not sleep... ## after taking 3 doses of nasatapp I was overcome with extreme drowsiness, with strong heart palpitations and my fingers and legs would keep twitching. I felt nervous and edgy, felt confused and I could not think straight. ## I feel so week also and I couldnt sleep. Im not confortable when Im driving and I feel strange. ## this medicine worked for me the instant i took the 1st tablet ## This medicine is great for cold remedy especially runny nose. It will help you sleep and make your body relax, which is needed to stop cold. It is not really advisable to take it when your ...

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