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Side effects of breo ellipta

I was given a sample of breo ellipta for bronchitis.. just bronchitis. I was on it for 2 days when I ended up in the hospital for severe heart palpitations, chest pain, dizziness, loss of taste.. I completely felt out of it. Elevated blood glucose and low potassium. I was told I was having a bad reaction to the steroid and it would take a few weeks. The heart palpitations and dizziness still come and go but are getting less intense. Panic attacks and depression are still rearing their ugly head. Has this happened to anyone? How long could this possibly take to go away? I have no previous health issues. 32 year old female in good health... So frustrated at this point. They gave me a holter monitor to wear for 2 weeks that I take off and mail back tomorrow. I'm afraid at this point it...

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breo atrial flutter

should breo be used by a patient who has had an ablation for atrial flutter ## Hello, Susannah! How are you? This does contain a steroid, so it could be somewhat risky. Has this been prescribed for you? Steroids usually do have a stimulating effect and aren't generally recommended for heart patients.

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