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Sec_1971 Says:

I used to get oxycodone 5mg in a green and white capsule. It worked within 1/2 hour and the effects lasted for hours and were very pleasant. One day, when I needed a refill, Walmart was closed, so I went to Walgreens. The pill is different (a round, orange tablet) and had the suffix IMM REL in the title. Not only does the pill not have the same pleasant effect (it makes me nauseous and dizzy) but it takes almost two hours to work. What does IMM REL mean, and does this have anything to do with its effects?

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Verwon Says:

IMM REL stands for Immediate Release, meaning the medication is released very soon after you take it, as opposed to a regular tablet which can take over 20 minutes.

So, technically, this tablet should work fast.

I am concerned, however, with the fact that you are enjoying the so-called pleasant effects and I hope you have been taking only the dosage prescribed by your doctor as this can be a very dangerous medication if used incorrectly.

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Sec_1971 Says:

Don't worry about that. I only take half of what I'm supposed to. But, there's nothing wrong with enjoying the effects of a medication. Would you take a medication that caused unpleasant side effects? Of course not.

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Bethe Rose Says:

The pleasant feeling is no pain, feel your old self again, that alone is wonderful!

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Intoomuchpainformyage Says:

People should understand that the euphoria these meds cause is in part what helps control the pain. So it's normal, im not saying high but it makes you feel good so ignoring the pain is easier. Ask a pain doctor they will tell you. The issues lays with those that have no pain and take the meds, those people feel euphoria cause they have no pain to begin with. If you have pain it just helps get you up and moving somewhat.

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