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Botox for eye twitching

Has anyone had Botox injections for eye twiching? I have and they did not use numbing while injecting into my eye lids and surrounding eyes. I was wondering why they can not numb the area? ## I have. I don't know why they can use anything to numb it. But the pain is worth making the eye twitch stop. I'd tried everything: calcium, magnesium, potassium, saw a neurologist. Only the shots worked. ## The doctor told me that numbing would hurt worse than the shot. So I just pinch myself and don't look. I've had to get the shots every 5. -6 months for a year and a half because the eye twitch comes back. We are hoping eventually the muscle will stop on it's own. I took topirimate for a few months at a low dose a couple years ago. Then I stopped ## I don't know if my insu...

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