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where can i find borofax ointment - I used for nasal dryness, sores, and diaper rash and was not greasy or hard to wipe off.....IT WORKED

I have terrible sojhgrens and my nose would be so very happy and healthier if I could find this.... used 38yrs. ago for diaper rash along with doctor recommending for my nasal dryness.... nothing I had tried before and since it was discontinued has come close to relieving these symptoms... help! ## Hello, Betty! How are you? I am very sorry about the problem that you're having. The product that most doctor's recommend as the best replacement is Desitin ointment, but there are reports that Borofax is available online from some websites. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Found this on internet: MartinAvenueShops (a subsidiary of Martin Avenue Pharmacy) carries Borofax Ointment. ## Look at the Vermont country catalog, they used to have something similar.

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borofax ointment

borofax ointment for diaper rash ## I am afraid that Borofax was discontinued by the manufacturer many years ago. The most commonly used diaper rash ointment, also recommended by most doctors, is Desitin. Does anyone else have any recommendations on what can be used? ## Yes! Desitin IS great! But you have to make sure you get the max strength one with the thick white ointment! ## Martin Avenue Pharmacy on Naperville IL still makes Borofax Ointment. You can buy it online at ## This product is available on line! ## I used A & D Ointment. It is very thick, made with Cod Liver Oil. It protected my babies' skin from further chafing, pain, and redness. It cleared up the rash very well. Also, there is aproduct called "Bag Balm." It is used on cows' udd...

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where can i buy borofax

where can i buy borofax? ## I used to use Borofax on my daughter,,,my mother used it on us! It is really hard to find it now,,but I have found that the "maximum strength" Desitin works very well! You have to be sure to get the thick white ointment and not the greasy one,,,good luck! ## Cvs pharmacy you have to ask for it they might have to order ## Hello, Unfortunately there is no way to really track down specifically where you can purchase Burofax without knowing what area you live in which is information you should not be posting. What you can do is check the websites for some of your local big chain stores and pharmacies (Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, Target etc.) and see if you can find one that stocks it in your area. This should save you the trouble of driving around to each lo...

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Was this a government decision

I never had a problem using Borofax ointment for nasal dryness. Actually, this opened my sinuses when I had a head cold. ## Hello, Regina! How are you? I'm sorry, but what decision are you asking about? Can you please post back and clarify? Thanks! ## Hello! How are you this morning? According to the *****s at the FDA, Borofax did not work. I informed them that if they were incorrect and I have noticed that the FDA always managed to do away with products that actually treated certain medical conditions that it was created to solve. To date no response.

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Borofax Availability

I use to buy Borofax as a diaper rash cream and I can no longer find it. Can you let me know where I can get it? ## I just ask a pharmacist this afternoon and they checked and said it was discontinued! They guessed that if I found a store that still had any it might cost as much as $20! My Mom and I are going to look in any store we can to find some...that stuff is great! ## I loved this product. But apparently it is not longer made. You can have it custom made for you by a local compounding pharmacist - ask your doctor. It is a 5% boric acid/lanolin mix. I am asking my doctor to create it for me to treat recurring yeast infection! ## My mom used borofax to heal sore noses when having a cold - it worked overnight ! I am still looking for it. Burroughs Wellcome used to be the manufacture...

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where can i find borofax especially for the treatment of fungal skin infections

Borofax was one of the best topical ointments for topical yeast infections. It was skin loving, pleasantly scented, and instantly effective. I would love for it to be available again. It was first recommended to me by nurse practitioners in the 1980's. I am distressed that it is no longer available. ## Hello, Jessica! How are you? If you live near a compounding pharmacy, they may custom make it for you, but it's likely to be expensive. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Borofax Cream

Where can I buy it ## Hi Michelle, The original Borofax ointment (boric acid 5% + lanolin) was actually discontinued in 1993 due to some toxic effects attributed to boric acid. Apparently though, the manufacturer of Borofax reformulated the product and began selling it again. The active ingredients in the new formulation are Zinc Oxide 15% and white petrolatum 68.6%. The newer product does not contain boric acid. The new formulation of Borofax (with Zinc oxide) is available, but may not be routinely stocked by pharmacies on shelves. So a pharmacist may have to special order it for you. Most popular diaper rash products available today contain the similar ingredients. Common examples include: Desitin cream with 40% Zinc oxide, lanolin, and white petrolatum. Balmex cream and A+D cream als...

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Is Borofax being sold under same name

Under what name is Borofax being sold & who has it? ## Hello, Carol! How are you? Borofax was a topical boric acid cream, due two some issues with its use, it was discontinued and creams containing boric acid are no longer available. The manufacturer did re-release it, but the active ingredient used in the new formulation is zinc oxide. Is there anything else I can help with?

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Borofax Skin Protection

I have a tube of Borofax Skin Protection from the makers or neosporin. It prevents and treats diaper rash. Do you know where I can buy a new tube of this? ## The tube says active ingredients are zinc oxide 15% and white petrolatum 68%. Also contains: lanolin, mineral oil and fragrance. Dist: Warner Wellcome Consumer Health Products, Morris Plains, NJ 07950 USA. ## From what I can find, it is no longer manufactured. These are common ingredients for this type of product, though, so you should be able to find them in other over the counter items. Have you tried asking a pharmacist what product is comparable? Where are you located? ## You made some excellent points in that last post on the subject. ## Is Borofax still available for purchase?

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