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Jennie Says:

I use to buy Borofax as a diaper rash cream and I can no longer find it. Can you let me know where I can get it?

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Julie Says:

I just ask a pharmacist this afternoon and they checked and said it was discontinued!
They guessed that if I found a store that still had any it might cost as much as $20!
My Mom and I are going to look in any store we can to find some...that stuff is great!

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barbara Says:

I loved this product. But apparently it is not longer made. You can have it custom made for you by a local compounding pharmacist - ask your doctor. It is a 5% boric acid/lanolin mix. I am asking my doctor to create it for me to treat recurring yeast infection!

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suzi Says:

My mom used borofax to heal sore noses when having a cold - it worked overnight ! I am still looking for it. Burroughs Wellcome used to be the manufacturer, but it was discontinued. I have tried other products, but nothing works as well. I really miss it.

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Katy Says:

Has anyone located Borofax yet? I am still looking. It IS great stuff.

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Dawn Says:

This product seems to be available at

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Laura Says:

My pharmacist sais that borofax can be made out of boric acid that you use for roaches and ants and mixed with vaseline to make the ointment. He did not say how much of each.

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BigRed Says:

Borofax consists of 5% boric acid and 95% lanolin. This is the original formula!

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Cerise Says:

Agreed, my ENT recommended after a sinus surgery to keep my nose from bleeding as it healed. I've used it for years for irritation from allergy. I started getting the beginning of (maybe) Rosacea, tried several face treatments and finding my old tube of Borofax, tried that... the redness and pealing has completely cleared up. What a pity, N/A... probably replaced by something prescriptive with a four figure price not covered by most insurance ;-)

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Eileen Says:

It was manufactured by Parke Davis, which after buyouts, mergers etc no longer exists on it's own :(

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Mark Says:

Hi. I moved into a small studio apartment that had mites, probably bird mites. They are mostly gone [from the chimney]. What looked like a curse was really God's blessing. I will eventually post on Bird Mite Forums to help them get rid of the critters quickly and cheaply. The first thing I had to learn was to treat me. Gold Bond Medicated Cream will not only repel mites, it will clear up all kinds of skin problems. I am 65 and my skin is getting younger by the day. Even wrinkles are disappearing. Sulfur 8 is an excellent product for sick skin. MSM, B complex vitamins and vitamin C with flavonoids will work from the inside out for awesome skin. I am now trying to create a mite barrier to keep them off the ceiling and I Googled boric acid and vaseline-vaseline for the penetration and learned about Borofax. I am going to make my own with boric acid and Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion. Boron is excellent for skin and body. For a mite barrier, I am going to put down duct tape in front of DE and put the boric acid/vaseline mixture on top of it as mites are so weightless, they just walk across the DE. Now it will stick to them. Sometimes it takes a problem to awesome solutions to other problems we didn't even realize we had. Oh, also I had to stop sugar intake. I wasn't sure I could but I have found it was easier than I thought; coffee with cream and no sugar-I tried several instant coffees until I found a good tasting one. I also drink a lot of V8 juice. I had to increase protein intake. For me, boiled eggs, cashews and a salad 3 times a week. I have firmed up and lost belly fat. All of this started, learning to get rid of bird mites. I hope and pray this helps someone. This Forum [and others] is/are in my prayers.

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Carmen Says:

Tremendo producto borofax tengo testimonio de un amigo 5 días hospitalizados por infección en testículos le recomendó la crema y en menos de12 horas estaba curado.

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jean Says:

Re: Katy (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

If you find some place that sells borofax please tell me where you found it.

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