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Sodium Tetraborate Information and Safety

What are the dangers of Sodium Tetraborate? Is it harmful if swallowed by a toddler of 11 months? Do I need to call poison control? ## According to wikipedia, Sodium Tetraborate is depicted as a mineral of boric acid. They go on to state that, "sodium tetraborate decahydrate, according to one study, is not acutely toxic, meaning that a significant dose of the chemical is needed to cause severe symptoms or death." Having said that, when it comes to toddlers it's certainly never a bad idea to contact poison control [1-800-222-1222] for a second opinion as well as an appropriate course of action if deemed necessary. How has the little one been doing lately? Very well, I hope! :)

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Hello, Where can i fill a prescription for that medication? I have a prescription by my doctor but my pharmacy does not have it in stock. Thanks. ## Hi Maria, I looked up the NDC you provided for "Hylafem Boricum Acidum 2x" on MedsChat's National Drug Code database (52747-250) and it comes up with the active ingredient being "Boric Acid" at a dosage strength of "2 [hp_X]/1" - Perhaps a chemist at a compounding pharmacy would be able to work with that information (given that you have a prescription)? They may be your best bet if regular large chain stores don't carry what you're looking for. Hope this helps! ## My pharmacy had to order it and only took 48 hours to receive it.

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