Blue, Round Tablet, Imprint 'ntz 1.0'

Minoguesque Says:

These pills are currently being sold on the streets of Scotland as diazepam (1mg??!) 10mg - and people are so thick that they are not noticing that the tablets are actually imprinted as 1.0mg...

I have never seen the imprint, but have seen many generics which use the letters from the name of the drug eg. Az1, Bz6, Mz10 are used by LaborMed Pharma for alprazolam, bromazepam and medazepam respectively; the only BZDs that I can think of with those letters though are nitrazepam and Nimetazepam, both of which are mostly sold in 5mg strengths and 1mg does not exist; I took a couple and they most definitely feel like alprazolam more than anything else that I can think of.

Does anybody have any clue what they are and who makes them, country of origin etc? Verwon, your usual databases will not list them, I am pretty much prepared to wager. As you know, I also have access to the same databases as yourself and can find no match anywhere. My gut instinct is that they are indeed a European generic alp; I would, though, like to know exactly what they are and the manufacturers. The blue is rather dark compared to the other blue alps of 1mg that I know, like Mylan (ex-Merck, NOT the dreadful quality Mylan USA tablet), Adco-ALZAM, Galenika Ksalol, Intas Zolax et cetera. Size is roughly the same as Roche Lexotan/Valium/Rivotril. The reverse side is blank. Anybody help out here? Thanks very much, my friends.

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strainhunter Says:

Hi mate I've never seen them before but they could be nitrazpam like you said. They do have a therapeutic effect but would like to know were there from and safe thanks jay

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minoguesque Says:

Having used them for several days I can say that whatever they are they are NOT a very good BZD (if in fact that is what they are). I think I will stick with Ksalol and FRONTIN for alprazolam!

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Hellsbells Says:

My boyfriend was taking these for few weeks at xmas thinking they were blue valium and he ended up with a bad lung infection and couldnt breath I had to call in gp as he couldnt get out of bed and spent nearly a wk in bed feeling ill on antibiotics :( 2 weeks on an he still doesnt feel great. I read on another thread that another guy (in scotland) ended up with a clot in his lung due to these also and... STAY WELL CLEAR!

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Hellsbells Says:

I would say stay well clear of these pills with NZT 10 or NZT 1.0 markings they are dangerous! 2 ppl I know of have had problems with their lungs after taking these :(

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Richie Says:

The Ntz 1.0 or 10 mg - Do not take them, they're weight loss tab's So don't use unless your losing weight because they are an appetite suppressant.

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minoguesque Says:

As I said they are NOT 10mg but 1.0mg, and they do not feel like anything worth using for any 'recreational' reason whatsoever.
Forget about OBTAINING the things- I only wanted to know if anybody had identified what the active ingredient (if any) is.

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David Says:

I've noticed a lot of diverse comments on other threads suggesting that this pill's effects come across as something like Etizolam, Valium (Diazepam), or Alprazolam. Not sure if anyone else here finds this to be the case as well, but I think minoguesque's gut instinct on them being a European generic may very well be spot on based on what little bit of intel I was able to gather.

On the other hand, seeing as no one truly knows what they are "anywhere", it also strikes me as something that could be homemade.

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concerned1 Says:

I would strongly recommend against taking these, I've known a few people that have been taken them along with pre gabapentin and unfortunately they have now passed away, all have had taken ntz 1.0+pre gabapentin, please steer clear because no one actually knows what is in them

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hellsbells Says:

I know someone who was taking these for a few weeks and ended up ill and couldn't breathe and somebody else on here ended up with a blood clot in their lung they're really dangerous!

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Minoguesque Says:

RICHIE: What kind of weight loss tablet? Those are normally AMPHETAMINE analogs such as phentermine, sibutramine etc, and these most certainly had no stimulant effect at all. I have had a stroke, I can not use stimulants at all, even 5mg Dexamfetamine sulphate tabs, as I get REALLY ill and thanatophobic.
From which database did you glean this info as I would like to see that for myself.
Can't think of any with those letters in their name either.

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the glesga doc Says:

Hi there. What they are is Russian and old soviet countries phenazeapam etolam 1.0mg. They are an old soviet Version of the west's benzo- diazepam. 1.0mg of ntz is the equvilent of 10mg s of diazepam. Beware I know of people getting thousands of these and after a certain amount of time taking them when suddenly stop horrendous withdrawal symptoms happen. Not for human consumption. Lol.

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amanda Says:

Had the tablet lab tested... came back 1.0mg etizolam

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Robert Logan Says:

I have these tablets marked NTZ, scored: 1.0. And dark blue in color, I believe these tables are nitrazepam as I have been on Valium and mogadon 4 over 15 years. These are the only tablets that come anywhere near my usual relief.

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Leejai Says:

These NTZs have been around Greenock for the past 6 maybe more months. There's actually a dry up just now and there are white ones going about which i haven't tried myself. I know of quite a few people who were caught with them but had to be released without charge as they contained No diazepam. Or any other catagourised drug obviously. I also know of a few who were caught and charged as they obviously did have some but how much i dont know.

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Dazzer Says:

Yeah had a few thousand of them a few weeks ago! Didn't notice the 1.0 or I wouldn't have taken them. Anyway I took some and yeah they felt similar to vals' but not quite. Some people couldn't get enough of them some hated them. And they did come in bags of a thousand

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mary Says:

what are the blue pills with NZT 1.0MG ?

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I got a bit concerned about the 1.0 and the fact that they have ntz instead of dz 10 i alway knew there were something doggy about them but because of the effects of valium it gave you people are still taking them and don't care

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Sandsy Says:

I dont think they are Nitrazepam. I have a very high benzo tolerance and can only take valium once every blue moon, pardon the pun. Maybe once a fortnight, or once a month I'll take 280mg in the box and trays. These NTZs are sweet and dye your mouth blue. Flunitrazepam aka Rohypnol aka Roofies aka the date rape drug are a great Benzo and would be so popular if people didnt want to hold them for fear of either being thought of as a rapist or selling them to people who might. Anyway, these were going around about 2.5 years ago in Glasgow with a DZ/10 stamp. I think someone got a batch of roofies and crushed them down and made them as pills with the NTZ 1.0 on them. Comparable to coming up on dexedrine. Nitrazepam is kinda sweet though so flunitrazepam may be the same. And Roche dye roofies spo that turn blue when submerged in liquid to stop women from being spiked. The dye that comes off these pills are not standard dye you get from home-made valium or "E", etc. That's my theory anyway (I used to do a lot of diagnostics for a legal hgh company and have taken benzos you would not have ever heard of). Another possibility is that they're Phenazepam put in pill form sold as blues... but Phenazepam has an hour onset whereas these pills come on the same as valium: 10-15mins, and they do not taste anything like valium should.

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Blue Boy Says:

Av bn tryen tae gt xanax for ages the yellow bars just dnt know where to go. A gt 5000 a they blue NTZs 1.0n the packet it says not for human consumption so fk knows wot they r really for but it's wot everyone's wanting. It says they are pellets so could b for animals possibly that my take.

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steve o Says:

Thete 1mg etizolam off n a dolly mixturevae otha hings stay clear

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Welshy1967 Says:

Had these about 2 years ago. These where dark blue with Ntz. They were very sweet to get rid of the taste of what other drug that's in them. I think they are moggies nitrazapam. Now they make bensedin. There a dome tablet with no markings but I thought they where spot on, 10 out of 10.

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Kezza Says:

I can tell you all that the ntz blues are not for human consumption.

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Sandra Says:

Valium it is . I'm on them and mine same as u described.

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Tommy boy Says:

Hi guys
Sean, i also have the white ww d10s and they are pretty decent. Tastes like diazepam and melts in the mouth nice and slow, not crumbling like usual fake efforts. Ive tried a week of 25 a day then cold turkey to see how they summed up to the CRAZY ntz, the comedown and withdrawal is nothing. Definetely best ones going around east end a glasgow anyway.
Take care and stay classy guys

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Shaun Says:

Where these white tablets, with the marking "WW" on one side and "D- 10" on the other side, because there are white tablet's going around with these marking's and people are saying there diazapam, ive had them before in the colour blue and I beleive they are diazapam, but seeing them in the colour White was in unusual

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Mark Says:

There are vals that a vet gives to some dogs who have nerves after neglect or for dogs that are always on the attack or so on

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zaborav Says:

The Scottish Police took the unusual step of issuing a warning about these recently and say they have been a factor in 74 deaths so far THIS YEAR. I can say without any fear of being proven wrong that they most certainly are NOT etizolam, which is a drug I have been prescribed several times (Pasaden, Depas and Etizest tablets, all 1mg, taken tds.) & they feel nothing like etizolam whatsoever. I have also checked both my own huge ID database and the two volume Martindale, and there is not a tablet made or marketed ANYWHERE which answers the description of these blue tablets.. Given that they seem to be killing people, I doubt very much that they are benzodiazepine or thienodiazepine, which etizolam is, but they certainly contain something pretty ****ing toxic.

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In The Know Says:

it is etizolam that is in the ntz 1.0's.

short acting highly amnesic benzo and not currently scheduled in the uk (not for long) Do Not mix with alcohol you will either blackout and loose control or worse not wake up.

the . in the 1.0 is actually marked but most ppl have no idea. nitrazepam has a 36hour half will know when you take one you lose at least a full day and feel fkd for 2/3.

dont recommend taking these if you can avoid it, and if you are desperate take one not a handful like I say short acting and fast onset. 1mg is equiv 10 diaz.

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Dabba Says:

Can you get a hold of the ntz at the moment like .. I have had them before and I knew there was 2 types going about on the street one was ok other was awful .. Any other form of cheap generic Valium out there atm guys

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Notorious Says:

I am taking these right now with 2 big phat uncle Bob Marley blunts and am melted...!!! I have huge trouble with pain due to a split in my stomach wall and man its a relief from pain from these

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