Blue Diazepam D 10 Round Pale Blue Dont Taste Like Normal Valium And Are Hard In Your Mouth

avalenco Says:

I got very light blue valium that say d10 on one side and www on the other. I was wondering if anyone knows what's in these as people have had diarrhea and they don't taste like another brand of valium - they are very gritty in your mouth with a horrible taste. Please help. Thank you.

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aaron d Says:

The www sign blues r the best ones i have taken. The D10 will are not the best, but i'd say 2nd best. My friend gets 5mg diazepam from his doctor and they have the www on them.

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Ben Says:

So long as they aren't white in the middle when snapped they should be the proper brand name

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Jenna Says:


Based on my research, Diazepam contains the ingredients: colloidal silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, pregelatinized starch and sodium lauryl sulfate. The coloring agents used in the Diazepam 10 mg are: FD&C Blue No. 1 Aluminum Lake and D&C Yellow No. 10 Aluminum Lake.

I ran a google image search for "Diazepam 10mg" and the pills that show up don't look like the one you are describing. When I run a search for "Valium d10" I see a pill that matches your description. Therefore, it appears as if the street versions of Diazepam 10 mg are different than the pharmaceutical variety and that means they could very likely be made with different active ingredients; hence the unpleasant taste.

Learn More: Diazepam Details

I hope this info helps!

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benzo nut Says:

Dont be fooled they can be fake no matter the mark on them theres even ones in the packets in the box and there still fake which is hard to believe but true as ive been getting from doc for couple of years and took for years before hand i know the lot but culdnt believe them still been fake when in the strips that are in the box the same box a get from chemist identical strips anol i asked my drug counciller about this and she said its a multi million buisness over in the far east or somewhere and they make millions stick anything in them and get a hold of the strips and packets,i thought it was weird they would go to so much hassle wae the strips and boxes and marking the tablets right and there 15 pound a box thats 2 strips 28 these were yellows anol which suprised me even more but think its cause there coming from poor areas abroad in bulk of billions they will keep doing it. It was also in paper to stay back from any illegitimate blues as people were dying and getting bad (rushed to the ER) and they were www ones .a used to think that but dont be fooled its just another drug that the greedy people have tampered with to them turn an extra coin - if they werent cut with all kinds of s***e more people would probably avoid hospital visits - If you did not get your script filled from chemist a suggest stay away. Very easy and quick to get high tolerance and not good mixed with drink.

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lou32 Says:

Were the tablets have white colour through the the tablets we got or there is tablets going about people are selling legal valium called ethanolamine they are dodgy tablets. let me know if you have took them as they could be what u are taking.

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diazepam wakeem Says:

the www wot looks like they are stacked on top of eachother are actualy if you turn them around are a m and a a made by ma pharmas but if they are real they are good if fake or copies iv had some good copies and some bad hope this helps

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Mike Says:

I got the same ones taste like washing powder. WWW on them, don't even provide relief. I got some others taste very bitter as well. Chuck them away mate. If they don't dissolve under the tongue is another way to tell that something's not right with them.

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shaun g. Says:

Hi, i have a rare un cureable condition called gastroparesis. This means my stomach is paralysed and not eaten for four years. I only have 5 tins of ensure tins to live on daily. Gastroparesis alone causes high anxiety and anxiousness but being hungry all the time, worrying about my organs and health ect cause even more. My doctor perscribed me but has dropped me and im sick everyday and if i ask for extra, he just shrubs me off. Ive even taken photos of the blue 10mg diazepam to show if im sick, sometimes the tablet comes back stomach does struggle to break anything down but hes no interest. I tried a white double break line and think was blank on otherside, zepose was on the strip and they were from india. Id prefer a company like activas or teva which im aware of but the white ones, were as good as what i get from my local pharmacy. Many thanks. Shaun u.k 39years of age.

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Mike Says:

Mate if your having trouble keeping them down bite it. Then put the tab under your tongue and let it dissolve That's what I do, they take effect faster too. Just make sure you don't have a dry mouth, and move the tab around under your tongue. Have a nice day

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Tammy Says:

Hey, I have got Valium that are 10 mg, green, they came from Walgreens. They were nasty tasting. They broke up easy. From what I ve.seen and been around different pharmacies get different manufacturers they all dont look alike. Now there different colors. Even orange.. So, surely they are. Heck ask the pharmacy,just tell them you found them in an old bottle and wonder what they was, just to be on safe side.. Good Luck

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Lilynitestorm Says:

You need a new damn doctor if he/she is just shrugging off every complaint and question you have. You deserve the best care, just like you'd want for anybody else. I know it's hard to change doctor's after seeing them for sooo many years. Plus dealing with a new doctor reading all your background and stuff before they accept you. I know it'll suck but if you have to resort to BUYING pills off the internet, from who knows where, with who knows what in them.... you need to change! Some of the ingredients used to make the pills in other Countries are not legal here and not FDA approved. Don't wait till you end up in the hospital. Get better help asap! Good luck hun

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goodandbadwws Says:

I've had good ones well pressed with a crisp beveled edge and slightly shiny I complexion they are also quite thin.
But I've had the bunk ones also they are thicker and more chalky In complexion they are not so beveled and have white powder in the middle when snapped.
The ones described second are PURE rubbish, Imo these are only fit for the bin!!!!

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goodandbadwws Says:

I've had the ww d10s that were of good quality,also I've bought identical ones that were chalky horrible tasting that tasted NOTHING like any valium tablet I'd taken before,and believe me I've tried many many different brands of diaz!.
Basically it is a lottery which of the two different types ao ww d10s that are on the go,one very good the other garbish! !

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Chvs Says:

If you turn these round or your friend asks the chemist you'll find its actually an M and an A on top of of each other not WW. Just a bit of useless info for you also the street strips activis which once were COX you'll find are slightly thicker than the 10's that I get prescribed.

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Danny Says:

Hi a got 10 mg with blue die cpming of them they have a 1 at 1 side of the line and a 0 at the other and don't taste like the real deal but you get some affect from them can annoy help

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Jackie Says:

My sister was just diagnosed with this last week. And she also takes the little blues but doesn't have any issues.

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ire2x4 Says:

I got a few 10 mg tablets today and the coloring is all weird it'd be/white blue speckles with a 10 on one side and no score mark . I dunno

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stephanie Says:

I just got light blue ones with D10 side nothing on the other side what are they.

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Chris Says:

Hi I got pale blue with d 10 on 1 side and nothing on other .. Seem to be quite chunky ? Are they the same ones ?

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gaz Says:

Those are chalk mate, pure garbage. I filled a prescription, said brand name, but the strip was way wider than the other ones I had. Actavis is the thinnest brand out of tea, crescent, etc.

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AlaskanIce Says:

It's not "www" it's MA made by MA holder. Blue 10mg diazepam should melt quickly on the tongue. They're most likely fake but chemists do however prescribe the same tabs you have. They don't come in blisters from the pharmacy. They come in small brown bottles as the pharmacy gets them in tubs of 500 so... 50/50 chance they're real.

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Taffy Says:

Re: Danny (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

Same ive got thé d 10s that are blank on thé back and leavs blue die in your mouth ?

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Taffy Says:

Re: Chris (# 20) Expand Referenced Message

Same here d 10 on one side n blank on thé back and make your mouth blue! ?.Any one had them and know thé crak?

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Aaron Says:

Hi there... So I got these tablets called d10's. The tablet is blue with d10 written on it with a score line on the same side and the other side is completely blank. Has anyone ever taken these before and if so are they safe enough and what sorta dosage are they?

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Christine Says:

I was looking to see what a round blue tablet with D on one side .Reply came as diazepam but on further study I think they may be q uietipine 25 mg I'm just out of hospital where I couldn't swallow OESOPHAGUS and I take quietipin 200 mg for bi polar but I had to take 25mg instead of 200 I'm waiting for my pharmacist to give me more

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Kate Says:

I got 10mg blue diazepam. The pills have no markings except for a line on one side. I took half and it turned my mouth blue. Have I received the same ones that are killing people in Scotland? If so, they have moved into the south of UK too.

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Billy Says:

I've just had ones matching that description. They're a bit big at 8mm diameter and 3mm deep and on first impressions a paler blue than most. They will dissolve under the tongue and are palatable enough if a little grainy and plain. They appear to have a single plane bevel on the scored side (with 'D' above and 10 below • the '1' is not a single straight line). No bevel beneath. On looking closely there is no bevel, instead they have a raised or embossed centre. In good light or close up they are clearly speckled with white - more noticeably on the sides than the edge. Also with a few indigo flecks.

I hope that's enough detail to match or eliminate someone else's.

I get something called geographic tongue which had flared up (too much strong cheese» not due to tablets!) So looked at my tongue in the mirror »» all the raw patches on my tongue were bright blue!

I've never had any ones turn my mouth blue so did a search and found the news stories with no info and just peddling fear as usual but found this thread, so thank you all for your help and contributions. Knowledge is power.

I'm not dead and have noticed no ill effects but I've not taken more than 5mg. Might have a Benzo in, can't be sure.

Needless to say, I'm not taking more of these!

Please let me know if anyone's had these tested or knows more

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Kelly Says:

I have seen the orange diazapam does anyone had them before people say they are 5mg how can we tell as blue =10 mg yellow =5mg and 2mg white and IV seen white 10 mg but all the diffrent colours for the stregnth of them it's a bit confusing does anyone know anything about the orange ones any advice I'd be gratefull thanks I don't take them personally tho I'm seeking advice for my neighbour thanks

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Kitty Says:

I'm asked my Dr about stretch vs prescription ...What was the difference??? He told me there is none ,they cost 3p to make,hence going to the troubles of making fakes isn't worth their while?? Do I believe it! Not so sure ,what do you guys think ?

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