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Where to donate lovenox

After searching quite a bit, I finally found an organization that will take leftover Lovenox for donation: World Medical Relief ( I wanted to post this here because it was so difficult finding a place to donate these, and hopefully this will help other people donate (rather than destroy) their left-over Lovenox. ## Hi Corie, Thank you so much for sharing this important information and resource here. Leftover medication that costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars are constantly in jeopardy of being washed down the toilet (causing environmental concerns), or otherwise being improperly disposed of due to a lack of knowledge and information provided by the pharmacists who dispense it; let alone finding a place like you have. It is my opinion that these medical do...

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Irregular Periods Tablet

I have experienced this twice since last year when I encountered 3 months of irregular menstruation. The doctor says that a kind of pills would bring back my regular menstruation but I don't know what kind? Would you please give me an answer? ## I am a 22 year old girl and my last period was on the 13th of May. Pls suggest a good tablet to regulate my periods. ## Proper treatment depends on what's causing your menstrual cycle to be irregular and this answer refers to both of you. Learn more menstruation details here. What you need to do is see your respective doctors, so they can do an exam and testing, then they can recommend the proper treatment, if one is necessary. Are there any other questions? ## I'm just 18. I have had period irregularity for the last 3 months and som...

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Lovenox and low platelets

My husband is currently taking 2 shots of Lovenox a day. I believe each is 125mg? He went to his hematologist the other day and it was found that his platelets are decreasing. Could Lovenox cause this? I really hope not because they state since he was on Coumadin/Warfarin for more than 20 years, that the Coumadin no longer provided the effects necessary to keep his blood thinned out to prevent blood clots. ## Yes, Lovenox has been known to cause that, he may require a dosage adjustments, or to try a different medication. Does he also watch his diet? While on a blood thinner, he should stay away from dark leafy greens, such as spinach, that contain a lot of vitamin K. Some other medications, and foods, may also cause additional blood thinning. Is he taking anything else?

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I have been taking lovenox post heart attack for 4 days. Is it ok to take plavix too ? ## WHEN I CAN USE PLAVIX AFTER FINISH WITH LOVENOX ## Both Lovenox and Plavix are blood thinners, so you should always follow your doctor's instructions for taking them, and not combine them, unless specifically instructed to do so, since it could create an increased risk of bleeding, and possible hemorrhage. Are either of you on any other medications? In the case of heart attack, you should take the one your doctor has told you to take, for your own safety. Do you know what caused your heart attack?

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NDC code for HCPCS J7192

Can you please provide me with the correct NDC for this drug? It's HCPCS code is J7192. ## After some research I found a PDF from Anthem listing a number of "Antihemophilic Factor and Clotting Factor" drugs. Further down it lists the HCPCS code J7192 next to a drug called Advate. The HCPCS code may also refer to something more general "Factor viii (antihemophilic factor, human)" but that could open up an even larger list of NDCs. In the mean time, you can pull a list of NDC codes for Advate at: /NDC/Advate/ Is this what you are looking for?

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Trapic Mf Tablet

do you put on weight with trapicmf and gynaecp? ## i want to know whether trapic mf should be taken inspite of novex ds treatment for control of excess bleeding? ## @sujata, Not everyone puts on weight from taking these drugs. Medications can affect everyone differently; some people get great results from taking, but there are others that it just doesn't work for and the only way to find out is to actually try it. The most common side effects for this medication may include: back pain, joint pain, nasal congestion and stomach pain. @rani, Trapic-MF contains the active ingredient Mefenamic Acid and Tranexamic Acid. I have not been able to locate any specific details on the active ingredients found in Novex, in order to compare the two and research possible interactions. Would you hap...

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can primolut be taken alongside tranexamic acid

I was 6 weeks pregnant and had a miscarriage. Since then I have been seeing clumps of blood dropping. My doctor now prescribed primulot N along with tranexamic acid. Can this combination work together? ## I'm taking tranexamic acid for heavy bleeding. It reduced my bleeding to spotting now so my doc prescribed primulot-n. Can I take both medications together?

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Combining primolut n with tranexamic acid

I'm on a short vacation with my husband, my period came 18 days after the last period, I started off immediately with 1 tablet of primolut N 3 times daily but I am still bleeding, is it ok to take tranexamic acid as well to stop my period? ## Ive been menstrating for 2 weeks after taking a contraceptive. Is it advisable for me to take Traxenamic acid 500mg Primolut N

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Can Pause 500 be used in pregnancy

Tablet Pause 500 -Is it indicated in pregnancy bleeding? ## Pause contains Tranexamin Acid, which is commonly used to help stop bleeding. In the U.S. it is not approved for use in pregnant women, due to risks to the baby and the fact that it crosses the placenta to the baby. Are there any questions or comments? ## My wife is 7-8 week pregnant. but in last 3days spoting was found. l called the doctor and he prescribed pause 500.i just want to know is pause 500 safe in pregnancy and another thing i want to know after spoting she had no there any chance of miscarriage or it is a normal phenomenon. ## Manju giri gokul town ship virar w I have 3 months aminorrhia pv bleeding I can take tab pause 500 ## Hi,, no bleeding but blood clotting in the foetus,is it advisable to take pause me...

Sylate 500mg

am taking this drug to stop bleeding after abortion.this is the fourth day bleedind has not stopped.will it still work?if it stops,does it mean that here is something left? ## Sylate contains the active ingredients Ethamsylate and Tranexamic acid. After you've had an abortion, this medication is used to help slow and stop the bleeding, however, it will not work right away. It would be the same if you actually had a baby, some bleeding is always going to occur and medications can slow and help it to stop, but it isn't going to happen immediately. They mainly give them to you, because they want to make sure the bleeding doesn't get severe and result in a life threatening hemorrhage. As to whether or not there could be parts of the fetus left, your doctor should have schedule a...

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is pause-mf harmful..will it make me adddicted to it

hai..i am 22 years old..i had my cycle only 4 about one and a half days last month..this month im having it 4 11 was really heavy for about 2 half days bt its much lesser now..i took 3 pause tablets nd it stopped i forgot to take it in the afternoon and it started again..this is really bothering not able to concentrate on anything else because iv never had such this something i should worry about.. is there any problem with my uterus...plz reply going into depression ## Pause-MF contains the active ingredients Mefenamic Acid and Tranexamic Acid, it is used to help control or stop excessive bleeding. No, it is not addictive. As to the irregularities of your cycle, it is normal to have this happen, sometimes. Every woman goes through it, no female ...

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Internal Side Effects Of Pause Mf

I am 27yrs old and married in last june..since marriage i am facing problem of heavy bleeding during periods for 6 days..Doctor has recommended Pause MF reduces my bleeding but last month my period started with a slight bleeding of brown colour for 3 days then 4th day it was heavy bleeding ..i took Pause MF and bleeding totally stopped on 6th day..but as on 7th day i had sex.. again i bleeded the same there any internal side effect of Pause MF as i am trying for conceiving.Is the dosage recommended for long duration ## Pause-MF contains the active ingredients Tranexamic Acid and Mefenemic Acid, it is used to help treat or prevent bleeding. Have you talked to your doctor about your concerns? It can cause side effects, such as: nausea, headaches, nervousness and diarrhea. I...

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Pause 500 tablet side effects

My periods continued for more than 10 days so the doctor prescribed me pause 500 n told me to take it if in future the same problem comes back. I want to know whether it will have any side effects? ## All medications carry the risk of side effects, even over the counter products. Pause-MF contains the active ingredients Tranexamic Acid and Mefenemic Acid, it is used to help treat or prevent bleeding. It can cause side effects, such as: nausea, headaches, nervousness and diarrhea. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi, i am 25 years married women, during the age of mensuration way back the first cycle continued one month, doctor prescribed pause, iron capsule, and preimulat-10 after having necessary examination, afterwards my period regularized, with usual heavy bleeding. Now aft...

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Side Effects Of Trapic MF

Trapic mf (film coated tablet) Colour: yellow oxide of iron, red oxide of iron Each tablet contains: tranexamic acid --500 mg mefenamic acid --250 mg exipients --q.s. Dosage - as directed by gynaecologist. ## Hi, I am 28 years old and having problems with my periods. Firstly, they are irregular (one month bleeding for 5 days, next month 15 days, also does not come regularly). Secondly, between periods there is constant spotting or rather - strand-like blood discharge constantly. When I visited a doctor she did an examination and said that my cervix was congested hence the problem. She has advised me to take Trapic MF for this. Please - is this correct? Does this tablet have any negative side effects? Should I go for a second opinion? ## Trapic is commonly used to treat these types of co...

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Stop menstrual bleeding

I want to know within how many hours tranexa mf tablet will stop bleeding?.. please reply to me soon. ## hi i got my periods today which is 5 days earlier than my monthly date.i am newly married and tomorrow is my first night.could you please let me know does taking trenexa 500mg will stop the bleeding,or is there any medicine to stop the bleeding for another 4 days without an adverse effect to my health ## My periods started 6 days ago and still continues, I need to travel to some rainy place due to official trip... can you plz suggest any tablet which can stop ongoing bleeding for 3 days. Urgent plz. Thanks. ## @deepa Based on my research, Trenaxa contains the active ingredient "Tranexamic acid" which is used to prevent or control blood attacks in hemophiliacs. I believe some ...

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development of afib with lovenox

I WAS PLACED ON ELIQUIS FOR PROVOKED DVT FROM A KNEE INJURY. SEVERE FATIGUE AND HEADACHE ON THIS MED. SWITCHED TO LOVENOX. WITHIN 5 DAYS OF STARTING, I DEVELOPED INCREASED HEART RATE, FLUTTER AND AFIB. STRESS TEST SHOWS NO CAD AND NEG CT FOR PE. I FEEL THE SXS ARE FROM THE DRUG. ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS ISSUE. ALSO HAVE CHILLS EVERY EVENING. ## Lovenox has been known to cause Afib as a side effect, according to FDA warnings, as well as heart failure, increased risk of bleeding, anemia, and easy bruising. As to the chills, it has also been known to cause a fever. Have you consulted your doctor about trying a different medication? There are some news ones available that might work better for you.

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side effects of lovenox

I have been on lovenox for 5 days. I am beginning to hate this stuff. I take my shots at 9am and pm. In the morning it seems like I get about 30 minutes after and I am ready to lay down. I also get chills and feel like I am paralyzed.. It makes my legs and arms very heavy to move. I am typing this after my worse night thus far... Do hot my pj's are wet yet if I uncover then I get a chill. This just sucks. I use a compression sock during the day but it makes my legs very itchy and of course I don't want to scratch. ## Hello, Wayne! How are you? I'm very sorry about the problem that you're having. Those can be typical side effects of Lovenox and most blood thinners/anticlotting agents, there have been many posts complaining about similar issues and some people have even ha...

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Swollen Feet

I started with swollen right feet 15 and by age 22 my feet other feet start getting swollen first I was told it was lymphedema and have been using compression stocking since. Yet i get infections on my feet on and off. When I was pregnant a year ago I was told I had blood clots and was on Lovenox throughout my pregnancy. He is now a year old and for the past six months i have been having continuos infections on my feet. Every month I get an infection where my feet gets red, swollen, sensitive and hurts. I continuously have to be antibiotics to fight these infections and now i am worried about what could be causing these infections. Please advise. ## I have minor swelling in the sole of my right foot. Will phlogam help remove the swelling from that area?

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Another Tablets to Stop Preriod Bleeding

Hello, am Tomi from Nigeria, I was diagnosed of Hormonal imbalance since 2012 and PCOS, I controlled it and was fine all through 2014 and now, I've been seeing my period since a month now with heavy bleeding and clots, I've used Tranexamic Acid and it seems not to be working. Pls what drugs can I use again to stop the blood from coming? ## I have a same problem ,I take pause 500 but I don't stop bleeding. ## Hi Tomi, This is Dee, do you have fibroids or have mennorraghia? Heavy bleeding can be helped with finding out the root cause the of the problem. How is your diet, stress like? My bleeding has been helped with changing my lifestyle, releasing and letting go, and a healthy diet. Are you anemic?

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Bruising from Lovenox injections

I have a friend adding me if there is any way to prevent the bruising all around her body she has been getting (non-trauma related and not at the injection sites) while on Lovenox. Any advice? ## If she's experiencing bruising, without having bumped into anything or fallen, then she needs to consult her doctor. Her blood may be thinning too much and he dose or medication may need to be adjusted. Other side effects, as listed by the FDA, are administration site soreness, easy bruising and headache. Is there anything else I can help with? ## When you take it out to use, flick it so the air bubble is near the plunger, opposite the needle. Do not try to squirt the air bubble out. When you inject it make sure it is vertical, needle down. They package them with a little air bubble so when...

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