Black Triangle Pill No Markings

MessyBetty1213 Says:

It is a pill shaped like a triangle with rounded corners, black in color and no imprint or markings.

What could it be?

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Kevin Says:

Hello MessyBetty1213,

If you find a pill with no markings it is likely that it is a vitamin, supplement or an illegal/foreign drug because in the United States the FDA makes sure that all controlled medication is identifiable by its physical appearance (color, shape, imprint, size etc.).

You also have a few options with what you can do with this pill. You can dispose of it at your local drug drop-off, usually located at a hospital or pharmacy. You also have the option to take the medication into a pharmacy and see if they have the capability of identifying the contents of the medication for you. It really just depends on how invested you are in finding out what is in the pill.

I hope this information helps.

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TD Says:

I found pills in my boyfriends car. They are triangle shaped with rounded corners. I have no idea what they are. I believe they are male enhancements because he has a history of taking those but I've never seen these pills before. They have no markings on them.

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DrugChemist Says:

Re: TD (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

They are more than likely sildenafil which is a medication generally sold under the brand name Viagra or in many different generic forms.

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Patrick Says:

There is an iron supplement that is black and triangular in shape. Feosol ferrous sulfate?

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Coco Says:

What is a black triangle pill with round edges?

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