Black Triangular Pill With The Letters Hf

Sir John Says:

what is this pill? I believe it is for male enhancement. It is a black tablet triangular in shape and has the letters HF on both sides.

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Sir John Says:

I believe it might be a "supplement" for male enhancement with results similar to Viagra. I heard the slang term might be 'black ants". Each of the 3 sides are approx. 1/4" in length of the black triangular tablet. I live in the western NY area very close to Canada. What is this pill? Where can I get it? Is it safe?

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Andy Says:

It's called Baiwei Maximum Powerful. I believe they're a Chinese all natural (supposedly with no side affects) viagra type pill. Works in 15mins lasts 168hrs (1 week)., I reckon it assists performance over about a 4day period.

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Andy Says:

So yeah, CHEW it with a mouthful of water.

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Jenna Says:

@Sir John,

Just to confirm, The pill you have is indeed the pill you have is Baiwei Maximum powerful.

This supplement contains the following ingredients: Cao yang, hui, fresh fruit of the Chinese wolfberry, gingko leaf, east-northern ginseng, the Tibetan red flower, Tian Shan snow flower, the Chinese hawthorn, tu si zi, nui zhen zi and more.

From what I can see, there are a couple online vendors who sell this supplement. Just google Baiwei Maximum powerful and you should be able to find them.

I hope this info helps!

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