Biphetamine Treatment

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Originally used for weight reduction--it is available for treatment of ADD. I was originally prescribed it for the former, but found it more effective for treatment of ADD than other drugs such as ADDERALL. If not currently available through your company, can you provide sufficient information for pharmacists to formulate this.

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Steven Says:

I believe that this drug is related directly to Adderrall, right? In fact it contains the exact same chemical ingredients (Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine). A listing is available at Biphetamine.asp. Hope this helps...

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Sandra Brady Says:

I have recently been started on Adderall after a period of several years. About 30 years ago, before ADD for adults was even considered, I was prescribed Biphetamine for weight control. I successfully went through graduate school on this (I probably couldn't have done so without it.), but then was without it for many years. A few years ago, I was finally diagnosed with ADD (no H) and was never very comfortable on it, i.t., jittery, etc. Recently I was started on Adderall again with some of the same symptoms. When I took the Biphetamines, it was in capsule form (street name: black beauty) and was very comfortable on it. Do you suppose the difference is my age or is the Biphetamine released at a slower rate? Is it still produced in a black capsule at 30 mg.?

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Sandra Says:

Why is biphetamine only discussed on this Web site? Is it available by this name in US? Which pharmaceutical company? Cannot find listing at Biphetamine.asp.

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Simmy Deeb Says:

i noticed a comment from 2005 indicated that biphetmines were presdribed for ADD. is anyone out there being given this instead of Adderall ,etc? what dose? how often? do you or your physician know of any articles - recent - on the subject? i just moved to virginia beach, and the four docs i've seen so far look at me like i have three heads when i mention just Adderall. from the little i do know and remember from l-o-n-g ago in grad school, biphetamenes (30mg.) seems to work better than 2 or3 dose of an Adderall-type med. please reply. thanks.

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Verwon Says:

It is the exact same thing as Adderall, just a different brand name, so if you are taking Adderall, you will not achieve any difference by switching to this and there will be no difference to your treatment.

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Simmy Deeb Says:

I was hopin to find an article I could site the next time I talked to doc about this. I can't remember what journal I read. I need a longer acting med than Adderall and can't afford Vyanase. Even on 20 mg. of Addderall t.i.d., I don't ever get shaky. After reading the article, I thought I found the solution. The guy looked at me like I had three heads when I related what I had read to ask is opinion. I kept tellilng him the info was in the medical literature, knowing he had access while I did not - to no avail. If anyone can site a particular article or journal for that matter, please respond. I thank you in advance for your help in ths matter.

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bradan Says:

ADDERAL is not, IS NOT the same drug as BIPHETAMINE. Biphetamine was discontinued back in the mid seventies due to all the abuse and trademark/patent issues. Pennwalt simply stopped manufacturing them. Biphetamine is the same as dexidrine(Dextroamphetamine), but it was a dextroamphetamine RESIN. They came in black, black and white and white capsules. 20 mg. 12mg.and 7mg.'s respectively. All the problems from abuse to misrepresentation and bootlegs led the federal government to ban them altogetherback in 1976. Although Adderall may have a few mg.s of Biphetamine mixed in with it's XR formula, this does not make adderall BIPHETAMINE! Far from it. Adderall is a cocktail of ritalin. Basic Amphetamine, dextroamphetamines and a dash of biphetamine, hardly enough to notice. Anyone that has once used Biphetamine will surley tell you that nothing comes close to the strength and smooth stealth of a real Biphetaminel Many would like to see them come back.

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jimbo Says:

I had Biphetamine as late as 1986. They were very powerful. But after '86 I never saw them again.

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tomsapsford Says:

Adderall (notice the first 3 letters) actually has 4 differnt isometric amphphetamine compounds; only one or which is associated with the euphoria that drives it's recreational useage. Origanally marketed in the 60's under the name Obetrol, Shire was able to gain the patent for it's application in the treatment of ADD. I hate drug companies and thier patent protection schemes. Amphetamines are as easy and cheap to produce as aspirin. But I applaud Shire for it's ability to remove the stigma attached to amphetamines and open a whole new world for many people; myself included.

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Dino Says:

Bradan hit it right on the head.
Pennwalt manufactured this drug
up until 1976. I handled thousands
of these pills in my teens right
through college. They are the original Black Beauties. Nothing
better was ever sold to date.

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tomsapsford Says:

Hence it's potential for use/abuse. Where are you, definatively?

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Dino Says:

I can not answer that question.
The word definatively does not exist.

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daytona Says:

Biphetamine rocked. A single 20mg. cap kept the night wide awake well into morning, ONE!

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tomsapsford Says:

So I flunked spelling. Do you remember Biphetamine-q? It was a compound of 10/10 plus 90mgs of methaquaalone. Really! Sort of like dexamyl. rember that?

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tomsapsford Says:

Daytona? Wasup wi dat? Port Orange. My doctor prescribes me Staight dexadrine 15mgs tid. It's as close as your going to get to Biphetamine

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Dino Says:

Sure.I remember dexamyl. Not many people cared for this compond. The Biphetamine-q, never heard of it. Was it sold in pharmacys or distributed directly by
physicans like 697's and RP's.

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wsm Says:

Yes these drugs were abused but now as many or more are abused and they didn't take those off the shelf. I long for the 70's or even 80's...But I disagree, yours was not the best drug, the best was the real 70's PRELUDIN..Pink round tablet, nothing better before or after in my book.

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JBA Says:

Bradden hit it right on the head. That has been my question for years. I have been treated for ADD, and my God what a difference it's made. However in late 2005 my medication started making me irritable and nervous. I had used desoxyn for approximately 25 of thoe 30 years, and there'd never been any of those kind of problems. Years ago, I'd had a chance to take those bi-phetamines, and they were so smooth. So for the last several years I've been looking for the biphetamines. Is there any chance a compounding pharmacy would/ or could make these? Or even just the old benzedrine? You obviously know what you're talking about it so any advice you could provide me would be very appreciated. Thank so very very much

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JBA Says:

Treated for ADD for 30 yrs. Most of that time, we used desoxyn as I couldn't tolerate the over stimulation from dexedrine, adderall. Ritalin and focalin just aren't very effective. I got to use biphetamines before I was diagnosed with ADD. There ain't nothing like it on the market today. So my question is there any compounding pharmacies that'll make it?

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echeeanoose Says:

I worked for the OTC side of Pennwalt in the 70's. The Pennwalt Presc rep gave me some Black Beauties from his samples. Oh boy. Was cooking for 36 hrs +. Had mucho energy. Wanted to paint the house, paint the car, paint the neighbor's stuff. Good pharmaceutical grade speed. Easy to get use to. Story was the bi-phets were an offshoot of an anti-fatigue drug used by WW II pilots/soldiers. A side-effect was loss of appetite and the greedy drug companies spun it into a weight loss medicine. Pennwalt folded, terribly mismanaged. Glad they bit the dust.

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