Bexarotene For Alzheimer's

Roy Says:

Hi - has anyone else heard about the research being done on Bexarotene as a viable Alzheimer's treatment? Apparently they have been testing it in mice and it appears to quickly and effectively stop (and even reverse) degeneration in the brain tissue.

They basically took mice which were genetically engineered to exhibit Alzheimer's symptoms (yeah, cruel, I know) and observed how their brains would get built up with amyloid beta peptides (which are basically thought to exist in excess as plaque in the brains of people suffering from Alzheimer's and it causes the blocking up of neurons and cell death). And of course the mice would exhibit some of the classic early signs such as forgetfulness.

Anyways, Scientific American has described some of the findings: "with just a single dose it lowered the most toxic form of the amyloid beta peptide by 25 percent within six hours, an effect that lasted for up to three days. Mice that were cognitively impaired by the amyloid buildup resumed normal behaviors after 72 hours: They began to crinkle toilet paper placed nearby to make nests, a skill lost as amyloid increased in their brains." [1]

Supposedly they should be starting human clinical trials in the next few months. I must say that this is pretty promising! My grandmother is in the late stages and it would have been nice if such a treatment could have existed for her 10 years ago. What does everybody think? Do you think that they will move forward and eventually offer this as a "cure" in the coming years?

[2] Scientific publication:

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Ron Says:

Apparently this is not the first time this drug has been tested in "humans" for mental conditions, check out this link:

Bexarotene as Add-On to Antipsychotic Treatment in Schizophrenia Patients: A Pilot Open-Label Trial

This pilot study supports Bexarotene as a potential valuable adjunct in management of schizophrenia, is it that much of a leap to think it could also be helpful in management of Alzheimer’s or other forms of Dementia? I have an appointment with my Dad’s doc on Monday to discuss off-label use.

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Mario Says:

Hi Ron, my name is Mario from Italy my mother has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer. I did read that you did ask your dads doctor to discuss about possibility of starting a treatment with bexarotene, if you get to do that could you please let me know, in case, about any improvement....would be very encouraging to hear also a small word....thanks a lot.

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Ron Says:

We never got the chance to try Mario, my pappa passed away March 24th after suffering with the disease for a few years, he was 91. His doctor was responsive to trying Bexarotene but wanted to get his congestive heart failure under control first which unfortunately did not happen in-time. I wish your mother and your family all the best, ciao Renato

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Mario Says:

I'm really very sorry to hear about your lost. I want thank you for your reply and for the little of hope that you give me. Thank you very much and good luck....Mario

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