Best Way To Taper Off Seroquel ?

Lesley Says:

Hi I have Bipolar 1 disorder and have been on Seroquel for about 7 yrs. Over this time I have gained 80 pds. The weight gain has caused severe high blood pressure. I am also concerned about diabetes. It seems impossible to lose weight while on it. I am very worried about my physical health along with being ashamed of my appearance. My PDOC says I need it to stay stable.
what is stable if it kills you first. I need advice on tapering off currently I take 200 to 300 mg daily.

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Verwon Says:

What other medications have you tried for your bipolar?

I understand what you are going through, it doesn't seem worth it to treat one condition, only to have the treatment cause other conditions.

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Generally, these medications require a very slow taper, because if you do it too fast, it can cause withdrawal and rebound effects that can be just as bad as the condition you started taking it to treat.

What type of doctor are you seeing? A specialist or a general practitioner?

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KAT Says:

Thanks for responding. Over the last 20 yrs I have tried every med for bipolar that is available. Either they did not work or I had bad side effects. I have add many ECT treatments. I just had 11 ketamine infusions, for severe bipolar depression. They worked but I don't have money for the maintenance treatments. I see a psychiatrist. I just tried to switch to Latuda and had severe edema. I currently take Tegretol, Seroquel, Nuerontin, Trazadone, and Ativan. I just found a integrated psychiatrist in my area. I'm going to look into alternative treatments.

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