Best Generic Alprazolam (xanax)

sa5150 Says:

I have been getting the 2mg Greenstones the last few years and they work much better than the Actavis. Now i read that greenstones were changed back in early 2014. Is it people that take these to feel high or people who really need them for anxiety and nothing else? Regardless if they have been changed they're still much better Actavis and I have heard mixed results on Sandoz. Dava seems to be crap. Took it once (looks to be from Endo who bought out Qualitest). Any opinions on the current state of the generic xanax manufactures? And lastly, no insurance company will give me the name brand. It's generic or nothing.

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EDDY Says:

Alprazolam is a psychotropic mind altering drug and no matter where you get them legally you might find a slight difference between brands. When we start to analyze and compare our brands, that is well sorry just plain weird

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frenchy Says:

Well just my 2 cents here but i'm sure i'm not the only who who has encountered this.. i've been on xanax since 1985 and i don't really need much to get me thru the day.. i usually take .5mg at a time and i used the brand name till the generic came out (I don't even recall exactly when that was now) and everything was fine up until this year.. may of 2016.. I had no idea there were that many different makers of generic xanax.. the pharmacy i used to get it at closed so i went to cvs and no lie the generic they sold me smelled like glue inside the bottle... but i took it anyway and i noticed right away that it made me feel like i've never felt before... and it wasn't good or anything close to what xanax is supposed to do i told them and they just acted like ehh.. so what.. so i figured just bite the bullet and take em.. about a week in I was actually starting to get sick and i knew it was the pills... so i called cvs again and they said to bring the pills in and they would switch them... and they did... and gave me the same pills right back... which of course still don't work... so i went to another pharmacy and got something different and that brand was davi... this was a completely different looking pill from the ones i got at cvs... cvs had sandoz which were blue and oval shaped... the davi pills somewhat worked... but not like it should have... i asked the pharmacist and she said its hard to get a handle on a lot of the generics now because most of them are no longer made here... and that's mostly in the last year or so... so to say there's no difference and they should all work the same sounds right.. but in fact ..its not right... i'm not even sure who i can talk to about this... all i can do is tell you that there is definitely a difference... and that wasn't so 3 years ago... or even 2 years ago... at least not in my experience... with the internet being what it is today you'd think there would be a way to find out what really does work and what doesn't, but i don't see that and wish i could find someplace that was current (within the last year anyway) about which manufacturer is really as close to what xanax used to be. Thanks a bunch.

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EDDY Says:

I agree with what you say and there could be a difference from time to time with strength and yes a lot of Xanax might come from foreign lands. You can still request and pay for the name brand drug. CVS orders the cheapest pill available, so does every other pharmacy to make the most money. If they know it is a questionable brand they won't continue to order from that supplier. The FDA would be the agency to contact to address your concern and you could always pay a lab to analyze the contents. They might not do this for a consumer of a controlled medicine as it would require you shipping Federally Scheduled medicine using a common carrier and across State lines.

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frenchy Says:

well its more than just a bit different eddy .. this newer stuff was makin me downright ill .. the drug store i go to now gave me the davi brand generic xanax and they sort of work .. but not very well .. and i told them so .. so i asked if they had another generic / they said no but they could order it for me .. so i asked for greenstone because that seemed to be what everyone was sayin worked well .. i got only 15 just to try them .. and while they don't make me ill like the sandoz i got from cvs .. they don't work as well as the davi which weren't that good at all .. so i spoke to my dr.'s office and they're gonna prescribe me the name brand next time .. and then we'll see if its just me thats changed .. or if its really the medication .. i know how i feel tho .. and no matter what anyone says ( and this is just lately mind you now ) but these generics are not the same as the name brand .. they're not even the same as the generics they used to be . i'm no chemist so i can't say .. and i don't have any of the older stuff left anymore to compare them to .. but somethin has definitely been changed .. who knows what ?? maybe they're tryin to use up some of that old chinese drywall they had to take back ?? but its different .. and not for the better ..

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EDDY Says:

Frenchy, it might even be a better idea if you stop taking them altogether? So you get sick on one but those 3 others don't work well so you are taking on the Pharmaceutical industry by purchasing the name brand only. While I've heard of this, your doc might become spooked at your reactions and decide to give you a good anti depressant and you'll lose your connection.

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Girlinflorida Says:

Me too Eddy, sorry but they ARE making me sick, yes they may have a percentage of the active ingredient but I've been prescribed these twelve years and have never had such a bad experience with a generic drug.

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frenchy Says:

I believe you girlinflorida. i've finally settled on the greenstones and they don't make me sick, but they don't work as well as the ones i got a couple of years or so ago.. i spoke to the pharmacist and she told me everything has changed in the last couple of years. even she doesn't know where a lot of the stuff she sells is made. but she did order the greenstones for me, special, which is something that cvs would not do. and she didn't make a fuss about it either. she told me they cost about the same so it was no problem. when i brought the pills i got at cvs back and told them to smell them. they actually smelled like glue. i mean like old glue. and they said ok and then switched them for more of the exact same thing. now hows that for service?? imagine going to a restaurant and tellin them the milk in your coffee was sour so they bring you another cup made with the same sour milk... sorry that's the only milk we have. but trust me on this.. its not you.. if i was to have this same conversation say 4 years ago i'd be sayin the same thing that eddy guy is sayin.. that it's weird ..or all in our heads.. but you know how you feel.. so don't be afraid to speak up and ask for somethin different.. if they won't listen then go to another drugstore till you find a pharmacist that will.. and cvs is probably not the best place to go. they have no power or authority there to do anything themselves. it all comes from someplace else.. none of the people there are decision makers. i hope you find something that works better for you.. and if you do please post it here ok ?? but don't give up.

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Girlinflorida Says:

Thank you for this, today's journey is just that calling pharmacies feeling like a weirdo asking for Xanax that works. Truly this creates more anxiety feelings just thinking of it, and yes I agree a few years ago you probably could have told me all generics work the same. :( so screwed. I stopped filling my prescriptions at cvs as well. Publix has always been good and treated me with courtesy but they sadly will have the Dava alprazolam for sometime but having spoken to a younger pharmacist there he did document my complaint and was going to watch for further complaints. If I said this at cvs the manager would be rude and tell me "I can't help you" (we know this can't help you comments are not leaving patients with a happy I want to help you feeling but can't) cvs must train their pharmacies staff to be jaded and treat patients poorly.

What stinks is there IS a mom pops pharmacy five minutes from me that does have good generics and does take my insurance HOWEVER they won't fill any schedule 2 or higher medication unless it's accompanied by a non narcotic drug like "Motrin" or "antibiotics"

:( so unless I get a prescription for something I don't need every month I can't use the pharmacy


Thank you for writing me back, makes me feel not so shallow and alone today :)

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frenchy Says:

Hi girlinflorida, i'm in florida too. i'm in the fort myers area, so if you're close to there i can tell you the name of the pharmacy i go to. I really do understand what you're goin thru. anxiety is a real b**** to live with. kinda like being chained to an 800 pound gorilla.. and then somebody comes along and kicks the gorilla. let me know ok.

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jetwyrm Says:

I'm prescribed 0.25 mg of Alprazolam for MRI, CT as I have severe panic attacks. I've been getting Caraco brand. I didn't have any problems, and they worked for me. My pharmacy can no longer get that brand. I have multiple med. allergies, and chemically sensitive.
After research on inactive ingredients I've narrowed it to brands: Greenstone, Apotex, Sandoz, Pfizer. Anybody have experience with these? Thanks.

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Hamster Says:

I was wondering if anyone has used the generic Aurobindo XR Alprazolam? My main pharmacy has now switched from Greenstone to these India manufactured pills? Are they the same? Greenstone made a revision in their formula, so is there still no difference? Thanks.

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joanie Says:

i agree. the generic s for xanax are all different. had a good one for years from winn dixie but they changed mfg. so far can't find any the same. wish i could find the old bottle cause the mfg is on it.

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Hamster Says:

It's frustrating that Big Pharm reformulates these meds without ever acknowledging it. The Greenstone XR we're actually better than Brand Xanax a few years ago but that's all changed. Greenstone are ok now but so many retailers have moved to cheap, crappy, India made Aurobindo. They suck. I have tried Sandoz, Dava (really crap), Auro (are they real?), Brand and Greenstone. I'd go back to the reformulated Greenstone in a NY minute but it's all Aurobindo! The almighty dollar wins- and regrettable we, the patients get inferior meds..

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joanie Says:

i found out, qualitest was the one i was taking. it was the best for me, but now i can't seem to find a pharmacy who has it. help.

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joanie Says:

it was qualitest from winn dixie. was best for me too, but they have no more and i can't find anywhere else.

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joanie Says:

You're so right. I never knew either but been researching the last few months cause my pharmacy closed and i couldn't find my qualitest. I tried dava, actavis, sandoz, and sun pharma from walmart. All these are no good. Try greenstone, like brand name, best so far. What's the deal, they're using fillers and making the cheapest product.

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EDDY Says:

There is NOTHING Winn Dixie sells that can be construed as "Quality".

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Jackue Carpenter Says:

Re: EDDY (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

Is there ANYWAY they can coat the xanax pill?? It gets stuck in your throat all the time and it's the nastiest tasting pill. Takes a while to get the taste out of your mouth!!!!!! Please help!!!! Jackie Carpenter.

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Joan Says:

Several who get generic xanax agree they are weak. They keep changing generics and none of them are very strong. I take 2 mg so I know I should be able to feel something. What brand would have the least amount of fillers and be the most comparable to Xanax?

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golfguyjoe Says:

Re: joanie (# 16) Expand Referenced Message

Hi joanie! First off, I respect your opinion. I have been taking alprazolam for 17 years. The brand that I have been taking is sandoz. I believe these to be the best of all the generics. I switched pharmacies 2 months ago and was given the Actavis brand. I believed that I was going to die. The Actavis does not work for me at all. Although I have a relative that takes Actavis and they seem to work fine for him. I have read about Actavis on many forums and no one seems to have anything good to say about them. In fact I have read that their fillers/binders that they use actually Causes anxiety. What a World aye. Every doctor will most likely tell us that there is no difference at all. That's what their BOOK tells them to say. I think all of our brains are wired a bit differently. I had to take the Actavis for a whole month and a half. I was in bed for almost that whole time. My Doctor did not believe me, so I fired him. Found another doctor who understood the Problem. Good luck to you.

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Jason123 Says:

Re: RichieD (# 36) Expand Referenced Message

Everyone on here saying they don't know which ones are made in India. Well I do know and the company you just mentioned is the ones made in India. Aurobindo is the full name and yes they're absolute garbage.

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Jason123 Says:

Re: Rich (# 31) Expand Referenced Message

Yeah lets all swallow A little toilet paper with our 4 times A day dose. Sorry but that definitely doesn't sound healthy or safe.

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Jason123 Says:

Re: EDDY (# 29) Expand Referenced Message

Yeah I was on 120 2MG A month so that's 4 2MG A day which is too much. Then all of A sudden one month without even saying anything to me he increased my dose to 150 2MG. Then 3 months after that he again without saying A word to me raised my script to 180 2MG that's 6 2MG A day. My new Dr. Said that's unheard of. Until she asked how long was I on 120 A month. And when I told her for 13 years she said that's why he increased them like that. The maximum recommended dose is 10MG day. If I would've taken as prescribed that would have been 12MG day. I never took but maybe 4-6MG A day.

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Jason123 Says:

Re: Darcy (# 28) Expand Referenced Message

Greenstone is the best and I also think that newer company who makes the blue bars are just as good. I have A mom and pop pharmacy and I pay $16 for 60 2MG.

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Ponyboy Says:

Re: EDDY (# 1) Expand Referenced Message


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Goozer Says:

Re: Dr3w (# 125) Expand Referenced Message

These days only greenstone and teva (activas). Rest are complete trash meant to fill the demand of new patients from this mental health crisis we are in that don’t know any better than to accept cheap crap generics. Only two generics are good right now - greenstone and teva.

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Goozer Says:

Re: Daisy (# 129) Expand Referenced Message

Are u saying diclofenac sodium gel is no longer available to get??

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Goozer Says:

Re: Babyblu486 (# 131) Expand Referenced Message

Greenstone did not change their formula. There’s a chance they are using less active ingredients but no formula change. Saying greenstone is no good is saying the same as brand is no good lol. Placebo effect at it’s best

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Goozer Says:

Re: PLFT (# 134) Expand Referenced Message

What do you like Better the yellow r039 or the greenstone? Greenstone is same as brand name and yellows are made with quality and money as well as the by the biggest manufacturer in the world so competitive forsure. What one u like more?

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Goozer Says:

Re: James (# 135) Expand Referenced Message

Of course.. why would brand name cost 1000$ and generics cost 25$ if it wasn’t better lol. Of course brand name is better. It’s funny, twenty years ago there were no generics, just people just knew brand name. Now there’s twenty generic sort drug we have to see what is the best it’s BS but I always say follow the money and yes they wouldn’t be $1k plus if they weren’t the best of its kind.

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