Benzos & Urine Drug Tests - Benzos Are Not All The Same Amount Of Time - Some 1 Day! Others 2 Weeks!

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BeenThere Says:
You can't just say: All benzodiazepines (Benzos) will take "this-long" to leave your body... That you will Pass your drug-test is you wait such and such of days. Especially with benzos since they don't all work in the same way - I know it really Sounds like they would since they're the Same Class of drug.. But it's just not so. There's some Major Differences between them. HUGE Differences people in terms of how long they stay IN your body and when you can pass a urine test and when there's no way you can for quite a while.

There's a few reasons for this... What seems to stand out as the main reason for this, has to do with what's called the half-life. The time between when you "feel" the drug.. and it Leaves your body entirely. And Not ALL benzos have this same half-life - some are different by weeks even!

And this half-life thing is a Very Important distinction between say Valium and Ativan. And it appears to be the major reason why some benzos are easier to get Off of than others are.

So Which ones are which?

Well I'll take a look at Ativan first. This benzo, ativan, is one of the shortest acting benzos out there. - This means it gets in, gets to work right away and gets out of there fast. like a navy seal. However... This also means that it's withdrawal symptoms will hit you fast and harder than the others with a longer half-life. It leaves your body Fast- Meaning Ativan will have Left your blood stream, urine, your entire body.. Anywhere between 7-20 HOURS you will be testing negative for Ativan.

Yup - Hours. So if you took a few Ativan Pills (mine was usually any where between 6-10 mg daily.. got higher after 1 or 2 pills stopped doing anything - But anyways so I'd take 4-5 2mg tablets every single day - and by the next afternoon? 24 hours later I'd do a urine test and Never did I test positive. Never. I'd take it without even thinking of what time I'd need to leave a urine-sample. So Ativan, this anti-anxiety benzo leaves the body completely - This Fast.

Now a Benzodiazepine that has one of the Longest Half-Lifes would be: Valium. It takes quite a while for this one to leave your body completely. Making it an easier benzo to taper off of and get off of - It is one of THE Worst Benzos to take if you're also taking drug-tests where they aren't allowed.

You may FEEL the valiums anywhere between 1-6 hours - but it Stays-Around inside you well after that time - (it's half-life) to about 14 days, give or take. that's 2 WEEKS with Valium - One DAY with Ativan. And they are Both from The Exact Same Drug Family.

This is Also Why some people will switch to Valium before they begin a full benzo detox, since it's withdrawls are less severe than the Ativan is. Again, the shorter-half-life: 1.) the quicker it's out of your system - but 2.) the harder the withdrawl. But you really NEED a doctor to help with exchanging one benzo for another - Because say 1mg of valuium isn't even Close to 1mg of Ativan! one does NOT equal one of the other. This is where people who've been pill-popping or using narcotics for decades end up on the slab at the morgue. Seriously people. Even the online Charts that TRY and give you a what equals what are not the same from chart to chart. This really should be a docotr-involved thing! And if you dont WANT YOUR Doctor to know this situation? - Go to an e.r. - Go on detox day 1 and a 1/2 and explain the situation to them. No Insurance? Give a false-name if you need too. You gotta do what you gotta do To Live another day! For with Life there's Hope for better days to come. Just be sure not to have ANY ID's in your pockets at all.

- Or get an appointment with a low-income doctor's office. That way you can tell This Doctor the whole truth without fear of retribution or losing your regular physician. Say How many pills - of what type and how often you've been taking. And he'll assist you and help you do what you Need to do to detox off without seizures death or even just that feeling like crapness. Say "scripts from different doctors sometimes" as to avoid him calling your reg. doctor.

And he should help figure out what.. say: (example) 4mg a day Ativan will mean in Valiums. Or maybe lay out an Ativan withdrawl amount and script you for those.

Because it is SO Dangerous to try this yourself!It Does NOT GO 1mg of one does NOT = 1mg of another benzo. Not even close! And the online charts are not even close to being the same nor even close to accurate. You could easily OD trying to figure the exchange-rate of Ativan to Valium or Valium to Ativan. Very Serious stuff, so ask a Doc if you think that's something you need to do. Seriously, no joke.

So if you're worried about or for your own Freedom or Methadone clinic or whatever it is - what/need to test urine-clean.. Ativan bezo takes ONE Day - While Valium or even Xanax is closer to Weeks. HUGE Difference, ya?

Also though - you gotta remember any of these type of "you should tests clean by whatever-date - is for those with healthy Livers. If you have Hep C or any Liver disease, medications are not Filtered OUT of your Body on time - or anything Close to usual, depending - and this is a good way and common way that 'we' tend to OD and die. What is usually filtered out in A Day.. if you have a problem with your liver, your body is NOT filtering them out in a day - but some of the medication if not most (depends of severity of the condition) means your next dose runs into the next one, and the one after that, etc etc might be adding up to one huge-overdosing amount - Since the med isn't being expelled - it can just get to a higher and higher level in your blood stream, within your body and BAM!! You OD on a dose you've been on without an issue for years - b/c now your 'filter' isn't doing the job it used to - and you die.

Just info we gotta pass on to each other - Knowledge is power my friends while ignorance is our mortal enemy.
So keep do what you gotta do - Just make sure we're all smart about it - and recognize what is REALLY dangerous - it's not a "you're acting like a baby" move, but instead it's recognizing stupid and dead when it's just a little buzz or some sleep that you're trying to get.

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Verwon Says:
Thank you for your post!

How long a Benzodiazepine is detectable depends on quite a few different factors, such as the type of test being performed, the individuals overall health, their own metabolism and etc.

Therefore, it can always vary from person to person, however, from scientific testing, it is known that they can be detectable in standard urine tests for up to 6 weeks, after last being taken.


Are there any questions or comments?

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robin Says:
How long will it take a restoril to get out of my system....I took one tonight. Havent had one since jan. until now. After surgery in Jan and Feb i was given some to take home. Also last spring i was abusing several a day.

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Tick Says:
xanax actually has a slightly shorter half life than Ativan but good info

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Meli Says:
Xanex withdrawls are the absolute worst... when I found out I was 2 weeks pregnant I has to get off my medication. So I thought 2 weeks going down to stopping would be great and my baby wouldn't have it in her system. I did the 2 weeks n talked to my Dr. About it but the last day, was the beginning of the worst 2 weeks of my life. I didn't even know what withdrawls were... but after the two weeks I was back to work and had a very healthy baby girl. So if your trying to stop xanex at least take a month or so depending on how much your taking a day. Because you will deff regret it if not or end up in the hospital. These withdrawls include throwing up contiously, shaking, cold n hot sweats, going to the bathroom alot. Be careful can make you go into seizures.

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ExBenzoUser Says:
Xaxan takes a week? are they testing for certain metabolites because it as a shorter to same half live and Ativevan

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ExBenzoUser Says:
I had some same symptoms, but I would actually stutter when I could speak , sometimes I couldnt speak at all. no sleep 4 days started to have auditory hallucinating.
I wasn't normal for 2-3 months

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BettyBenzo Says:
Iam prescribed klonopin but Iam on methadone. My dose of methadone is pretty high- 155mg a day, and I take 2mg of klonopin a day. I have such bad anxiety I absolutely need the klonopin. I dont abuse them. But every once in a while a will take xanax instead of the klonopin that day if I run out of my pins. I usually get swabbed (a drug test thru your saliva) but at my methadone clinic they asked for a urine to check my levels of benzos, and to make sure klonopin is all im using. Luckily I haven't taken a xanax for about 2wks. Will I be okay? Also I do sometimes take 3mg of klonopins will they notice in my levels of the urine test?

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Trythis Says:
It's been 14 days since I last used a Valium I have frequent drug screenings. I took a fiber stool softner and a Read Clean Detox drink why is my urine still testing positive for Benzo's?

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factsmatter Says:
via mobile
This information is categorically wrong. Ativan is not "ultra short acting" it is "medium acting," this is pretty basic, common knowledge. More importantly, lorazepam can be detected in urine for up to 6 weeks (it is usually closer to 2 or 3 weeks but it is not anywhere close to 7 to 20 hours as stated in your post), generally if you have a urine screen 24 hours or less after a one time dose of ativan the metaboilite will not be detectable however AFTER 24 hours it will be detectable for weeks. Ativan is the only benzo that takes so long to become undetectable in urine and the time frame in which it (and all benzos) is detectable has NOTHING to do with the half life of the drug. Your post is wreckless and is taken by many as fact. Please do some, small amount of (simple) research prior to posting such ignorant "information." If you have any integrity please fix or remove the post and never do this again, I am certain people have gotten in trouble at their clinics, doctors offices and workplaces because they took your (wrong) info as fact. To be clear: ATIVAN IS DETECTABLE IN URINE FOR UP TO SIX WEEKS (anytime more than 24 hours after first dose, so, between hour 25 and six weeks ativan is and will be detected).

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kD Says:
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What a bout colanpin ..hope I spelled that rihgt

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benzoboy Says:
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Xanax doesn't stay in your body more then 4 or 5 days I've been tested for them plenty. One time it was out of my system in 3 days and I had taken 4 mgs.

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Beth Says:
Could you pleaseee tell me i am prescribed .5mg klonopin. but have been out of them for at least a week so i took a 1mg ativan yesterday... will it show as something different in my system??? it was only one..

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Angelgrace Says:

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debbydoodles Says:
If you want the correct info, ask a doctor or pharmacist. If they're doing a drug test, they can test for, levels and I'm not sure if they can detect an exact, "benzo", but don't take anyone's word on that when it comes to your job, getting your medication (if you really need it for what it's prescribed for) or anything else. I've read a lot of different replies and realized that I need to ask a pharmacist for the truth.

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Mackie Says:
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Don't get too stuck on some of these answers because there are far too many factors to really give a good answer for anyone and for any benzo. From my experience, AND MINE ONLY, I have only tested positive once for benzos and it was only 2 days after the dose was taken. 4 days later I tested negative. The things that can play significant factors are the frequency of dosing, amount dosed, type of benzo(s), type of test, amount of time between the test, weight, activity level, fluid intake, body fat %, and knowledge of successfully eliminating and/or masking the unwanted substance. Best advice is, if you are not prescribed a certain medication and there's a chance you may need to provide a urine sample, DONT RISK IT!!!!

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JuJube Says:
What was it that you took and test positive after two days and negative after four, if you don't mind me asking. I took 4 mgs of Ativan over the weekend and I have a urine test today at 3:30 and I'm absolutely terrified. I've been drinking lots of water...for what that's worth. Please reply

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Stp Says:
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I just started taking 100 mg Zoloft, 50mg seraquel and 15 mg rim ram. I have a blood and urine test thursday. will it show in my test then

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Chone Says:
You do understand that its almost impossible to actually DIE from an overdose on benzos alone, right? Just thought i'd let the community know, taking a few extra milligrams wont kill you.

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Robin Says:
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My doctor ask me how come I had low levels of ativan in my system I take two to three a day. So I don't know the answer can someone help me explain to him

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CMD Says:
I've taken xanax 1mg up to 4 times a day (as prescribed) for 13 years, I also take wellbutrin 150mg 2x's a day same amount of time as xanax, ambien 10mg as needed for sleep and was diagnosed with ADD about 2 yrs. ago and on vyvanse 50mg 1x per day. My doctor ordered a urine drug screen and then sent me a letter saying he would no longer see me. After many calls and messages to find out why I finally went into office and was told that my test was negative for xanax. You can imagine my surprise. The doctor wouldn't discuss with me, his medical assistant came to reception window and stated that due to my test they refused to see me anymore. She was hostile, and several times I asked her to lower her voice because I was embarrased that this was being discussed in front of everyone in the waiting room. I was so shocked I didn't even really look at the report but asked for my record to be sent to my only other provider (my GYN). I called her office immediately and explained situation to her nurse, who was appalled by how I was treated. When I first began taking medication my GYN was my only health care provider (I was in my late 20's) and after having other tests done to rule out other possible health problems, she began to prescribe based on my psychologists recommendation. I have a family history of panic/anxiety and depression on maternal and paternal sides. I don't understand how I could have a negative screen for this, I'm certain I took a one about two hours before the test. Long story sorry. I'm just humilated and am being refused care, as well as being treated like I've been selling my rx. Has anyone else had this happen? I wasn't even offered another test.

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