Bentyl Psychiatric Reaction

Sal Says:

Wondering if anyone else had a weird psychiatric reaction to Bentyl? Confusion, delusions and unbelievable fatigue.


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Verwon Says:

Hello, Sal! How are you doing?

How much were you taking? Those types of reactions have been known to occur, but usually only with high doses.

How long were you taking it? Are you on any other medications?

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Alani Says:

Yes, Yes, and Yes. I was on this forum a few weeks ago and I literally thought I was losing it. But yes Bentyl can and for me did have those adverse effects especially the extreme fatigue. I felt like I was two people looking at myself from the outside. Those should pass after a few weeks of taking the pill, but I do think that some of the effects will be mild but still linger even after the adjustment period. The key is knowing why you feel that way. So nothing is wrong it's just the pills.

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