Bensedin New Design Possible Bad Batch!

Pillzmany Says:

I have recently got some bensedin with the new design that's started to show up but obviously the same looking tablets. If you have not seen the new design Google ksalol new design, the bensedin is exactly the same but says bensedin 10mg. My lot number is 47651 exp 07 2024. I will be sending one of to wedinos as when I take one although it works and tastes right they seem to be giving me a slight headache left front side of my head. I have never experienced this b4 with bensedin... Now I say the tablets are the same but I have noticed the rim that goes around the sides of these new ones seems only slightly but is more pronounced on all bensedin I have ever previously had. Anyone that sees this topic, I will put up results as soon as I have them. In the meantime if anyone else has this batch in the new design please let me know your opinions.

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Sazzle657 Says:

Hi, did you get the results of these as I have the exact same ones but haven’t tried yet?

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Lisu Says:

Exactly same numbers

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Lisu Says:

I got new batch on the way, new design as well - but 47851 07/2024 did anyone try this batch number?

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Lisu Says:

Just refilled another batch of Bensedin Galenika just tried and spot on. So 47651 series with expiry date 07/2024 are good. Happy days then

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Paddy Says:

Re: Lisu (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

Hi how can i fill rx for these online? I cant find a pharmacy for them. Thanks

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Lisu Says:

I have exactly same batch and expiry date and them real ones for sure good batch.

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