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markiimg Says:


Has anyone seen/taken or have any information on Bensedin (Galenika) Diazepam 10mg? The box/strip looks ok but the actual tablet is white circular/domed with no markings at all....

I presume that they are Eastern European.

Any information at all would be most appreciated.


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Darren Says:

Hello there. I'm in desperate need for a doctor who can prescribe diazepam 10mg tablets. I sufferer serious anxiety, depression and I'm diagnosed with P.T.S.D. an unstable personality disorder. This medicine helped me massively overcome things regarding my mental health so I would really appreciate any help possible. Thank you so much.

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Chilled man Says:

Yeah they are good. But heavier withdrawal than UK Diaz.... Taper for a week longer

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Mrbenzo Says:

Hi! I also take this for a leg injury that's been going on for 3 years. I've had numerous ones but Pinix and the Ines you get are my favorite. My doctor won't even taper me off them and I can't get any more. If I don't take them I can't work. It's a recurring cycle but I was getting down to lower and lower doses after a long period of depression and anxiety. Now only the diazepam works, but nothing like xanax and far too long of a half life to remember things.

{edited for privacy}

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kandy Says:

Hi how many do you take at night for sleep of besidine 10mg

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jade Says:

Hi Kandy I take 2 at the most at night sometimes one is ok but 2 gets me a more restful an longer sleep....

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kandy Says:

Hi what does the dr perscribe if you suffer with this problem why has he cut you down if not get a new dr and tell him your problems hopefully this might help you?

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Mrbenzo Says:

Either way you have to taper or fits will happen and doctors don't care. They want the number of 'addicts' down. Funny seeing as these drugs are on the list for the importance of maintaining a first world order. Hmm.. they say we have rights but everything so far has not been done the right way for me or even had the chance to have a say or input, point blank refusal after 4 years of heavy addiction to both to even keep the 5mgs going. After a car crash he stopped them, at a bad time, and also reduced my pain medication to weaker medication of the same drug (codeine). Does this seem right to anyone? Do we have rights? Do we have a say? Does their duty of care include suicide after rejection of medication suitable for that condition? I need answers.

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Kandy Says:

Hi Darren the only I have is change your Dr and tell him your problems my be he might be a bit more sympathy

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Mrbenzo Says:

Thank you I think I will have to change practice and dr; not like I am trying to shop around I am tapering myself because I have to and have the dr on camera telling me to do what I have to do to get them weather that be 'black market' or not. So far no bother but if I induce a substance that isn't what I think it is, is that his fault? Is that medical negligence? Do I need a solicitor? Thank you

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jade Says:

Bensedin are very good... hope this helps

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Bensedin are currently being faked and sold in the uk. Like all fakes - some are good, indeed very, and some not so good, indeed bad and that's within the same strip. Tell tale signs you have fakes: First of all if they are in blisters they are likely to be fake and if in blisters fakes have diazepam written on them and Real Bensedin have Diazepamum or Diazapana. They are not bought by NHS or any UK pharmacies so they don't have any english on the real blisters. UK is flooded with fake blistered diazepam. I HOPE THIS HELPS THE ONES WHO ARE WONDERING. I GOT SOME THIS WEEK & THEY DID NOT HELP ME 2 SLEEP. I HAVE INFORMED THE COMPANY AND HOPE THEY CAN TAKE CARE OF THIS PROBLEM.

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helium Says:

Not true,I lived in mainland Europe and bensedin diazapam is very good,on the outer boxes I got from a pharmacy it does say Diazapamum but the blister cards of 15 tablets has diazepam on it,maybe fakes in UK but most fakes try copy the blue valium pills from years ago not an obscure east European brand,never had any problems with galenika products.

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Kandy Says:

Hi has any one taken besidin supposed to be diazepam know markings on them just white and dome shaped

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Kandy Says:

Don't know did not think you could get them in the UK

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Jade Says:

Hi. Has anybody tried hemofarm diazepam?... supposed be from the UK...but I got them in 3 strips of 10. I've never even heard of them...thanks...

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Jade Says:

Hi I received valium by hemofarm pharmacy does anyone know if their ok they look exactly like benseidene....white dome shaped no markings...cheers

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Jade Says:

Helium you heard of hemofarm valium?? I got them the other day but haven't tried them yet as I've never heard of them before...white dome shaped no markings... cheers

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Dee Williams Says:

Why does it say Bensedin should not be taken with Zoloft? I have used Zoloft and diazepam together for months with no problem. But when reading about Bensedin, it says do not take it with zoloft. I dont understand why. Could anyone explain?

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Millhouse Says:

I have received 30 tabs and would like reassuring that they are real please. They look like the description on here.

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Millhouse Says:

I have received 30 BensEdinburgh and would like reassurance they are real. Can you help?

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