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benlysta / oxymorphone false negative test

I have been taking Opana ER (oxymorphone 20mg ER) for several months along with Norco. The first urine test showed both drugs in my results. I started getting a Benlysta infusion monthly since December. Now my urine results show that I'm not taking the Opana ER, which I take religiously! Is there anyway the Benlysta could cause this?

Migraines associated to Benlysta use?

I am going for my fourth Benlysta treatment tomorrow and although I've noticed huge differences in my mobility and joint junctions, I've been getting really bad migraines everyday around 3-4 in the afternoon. It's the oddest thing, because before starting treatment I would have migraines 1-2 times a year. It's really affecting my family because I am now in bed every night with migraine pain or throwing up. One thing gets better but I still feel debilitated by the treatment. And advice?? ## I should clarify that I take Benlysta injections to help with my Lupus symptoms. I am the first person at my clinic to try this medication and could really use to connect with someone who is trying it as well. Thank u for your time if u have anything to offer, it's appreciated. ## ...

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lowering oxycotin

I just lowered my pain medication myself....yes myself and I know people keep asking me why? Well I have severe lupus and started taking benlysta a year ago and I'm doing much better and I take 2 chemotherapy drugs Crockett and methotrexate, I would like to save my liver and kidneys if possible.....I have a 7 yr old. I went down on Friday and I noticed small withdrawals but now getting pain in hands and feet but only off and on, do I need to go back up to 40mg oxycotin or stay on 30 mg x a day with break through. What would be best for liver and maybe after 3 years, I can't come down. Has anyone come down without having pain but lived with discomfort and breakthrough medication. ## Hello, Seagreen! How are you doing? How did you lower Oxycontin? They are time released, so it isn...

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