Belviq With Methadone???
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QuietMadness Says:

ive been working to reduce my daily methadone dosage for a year now, as I've been on maintenance. I'm down from 55 mg daily to only 15mg at this point and soon enough will be free of its clutches. I've been maintaining a clean lifestyle and I don't need a lecture on addiction.

My question is--can Belviq be taken with Methadone? My doctor says it completely negates any opiate based or nRcotic pain medications in the brain. Last thing I need is to be thrown into sudden horrible withdrawals.

For those of you unfamiliar with the methadone maintenance treatment, you must taper from it verrrrry slowly because it has a half life in the brain of up to three days.

So does anyone have advice on HOW this medication works with opiate type pain medications like Vicodin, Norco, Oxycodone etc, because methadone does fall into the same category. I'll be down to 13mg this week and contributing down 2 mg at a time until I drop off.

Any advice on the Methadone (originate oain meds) to Belviq reaction?! Thank you!

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Lisa Says:

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I am also On methadone 48 mg, and just started pelvis. I am extremely tired I hope this goes away.

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QuietMadness Says:

Thank you! I am now down to 5mg on the methadone and really struggling, but I'm dogged determined to stop.

I asked my doc about the Belviq. He said he's only seeing marginal results with this med, but the Contrave is working wonders for him and the other patients too!

The earlier posters were correct; it's definitely Contrave that goes against opiods!

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In pain Says:

I take methadone for pain management, about 60 mg. per day, and over the years have put on 50 lbs because of it. I asked my doctor to prescribe Belviq, and have been on both for 3 months. The only problem with the combination is they both make you SO SO tired because they're depressants. It took me 2 months to get used to Belviq, and I'm just now beginning to feel normal again. I've only lost 8 lbs. Consider this for awhile before you combine these meds together, ok?

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Not Today Says:

Thank you both so much! I really do appreciate your replies & kind suggestions. I say thanks to both of you, because there was more than one reply. I'll def be asking my doc about the possibility of trying the Belviq. BTW, I'm now down to 12 mg from the last time I posted. I also appreciate that you didn't start giving advice on the weaning off the methadone, too. Great supportive replies, and I wish you the very best with your back, as well.

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Sherie Says:

Agree with other poster. It should not be an issue to take Methadone with Belviq.

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TexasCarolina Says:

I think your doctor is confused with's an opioid antagonist...but Belviq is not. I take opiate pain meds for spine fusions and haven't noticed any issues...there has been talk of research on if Belviq could be good for addictions because it is effective at stopping doesn't block the drug just reduced craving for it. Lots of people wee able to quit smoking while on it and some mentioned no desire to drink. I haven't heard about success with drug addictions, but it could make might actually be helpful for you as you are weaning off the Methadone...

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