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Does anyone know about the current availability of this medication or if there are any alternative options that could be substituted in its place?

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judy Says:

My pharmacist tells me Bellergal-S as well as Bellaspas have been discontinued. Is this true?

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Vickie Says:

My pharmacist at Target tells me the same thing. Who manufactures Bellergal-s?

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judy Says:

My pharmacist says Sprastrin is the same as Bellergal-S. Is this true?

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Vickie Says:

That is the generic I have been taking for over a year for hot flashes.

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judy gutierrez Says:

All I can say is do not get off of it suddenly. I was taking Bellergal-S for 25 years. It was discontinued. My physician told me to get off of it cold turkey. I nearly died.

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teresa Says:

i have just discovered that bellaspas is unavailable.... my doctor says there is nothing to replace it....and yet it seems online there are other options. does anyone know WHY bellaspas was discontinued?

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teresa Says:

p.s.... one nice side effect was the restless leg syndrome that i was not wanting to admit i had, disappeared. and now RLS and hot flashes will come back? bummer.

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Verwon Says:

First off, please understand that options you find online when doing a search, may not necessarily be approved and available for use in the U.S.

Now, the reason this is no longer available and DOES NOT have a replacement is because two of the active ingredients in it, WERE NEVER APPROVED AS SAFE by the FDA.

These two ingredients are Ergotamine and Phenobarbital.

So, unfortunately for those of you who were using this, it has been discontinued and until someone goes through the process of testing these drugs and proving their safety, this type of medication WILL NOT be available on the US market.

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tamera Says:

My pharmacy also tells me Bellergal has been discontinued along with all its generics. My pharmacy tried to substitute ergotamine (caffiene tablets) but my doctor does not want me to take this drug. Surely ergotamine would not be available by prescription if it had not already been tested by the FDA. I will soon be out of bellamine (generic for bellergal) and don't know what to do after that. Anyone talked to their doctor yet and/or have any suggestions?

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tina Says:

a compounding pharmacy can make this with a Dr. prescription. I just started on this for hot flashes.

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Cindy Says:

This is a question for Tina from 10-16: is the Bellergal that your compounding pharmacy has made for you working? I have been on everything, effexor, clonidine, gabapentin...none of it work. My Dr. said that Bellergal actually worked, but is no longer made as it is a combo drug. I'm thinking about having it made, but heard it was expensive. Thank you for any advice.

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Connie Says:

Bellergal can be made by a compounding pharmacist. I was told the reason no drug company wanted to take on the FDA process for this drug is because medicaid, medicare, and alot of other insurance companies do NOT pay for combination drugs. I do know this is true with my medicare and my daughter's medicaid, that they do not cover any meds that have more than one ingredient in them.....Here is the bellergal formula: Bell-Phen-Erg 16/40/0.6

It is cheaper for me to go ahead and get 60 pills for $30.00, than to get 30 pills for $22.00.

These capsules are not as good,as the pills were, and I'm wanting to ask the doctor if it is okay to take 2 of them.

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Shae Says:

I live in Canada and my doctor just prescribed Bellergal Spacetabs for me today for hot flashes that are keeping me awake at night.I'm really worried about dependency though.Has it helped anyone sleep better?

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Kathy Says:

I took this drug for 10 years. It was amazing for me. I went from hot flashes every 15-30 minutes day and night, to maybe 4-5 total. The duration of the hot flash was much less also. The medication did help me sleep at night but not too much. I started with a full tab at night and a half tab in the morning. By the end of the ten years I was down to half a tab at night and none daily. My doctor let me adjust the medicine lower at my discretion. Hot flashes and menopause don't last forever so you won't need it forever.

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AJ Says:

I was on it for a few years when younger. Felt a bit high but great, more motivated. Had it for headaches. Wasn't told it was addictive and I crashed when I went off it, was depressed, exhausted and afraid of everything. It's the phenobarb-addictive. If you NEVER take extra, just what you are supposed to and wean off when you need to quit, it's easier. Remember "Valley of the Dolls" movie/book? That's phenobarb. Hot flashes get some Chaste Tree Berry Tincture and Vitex capsules and take both.

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patty Says:

Do they sell bellergal in canada? My life has been a nightmare without this med. I had harmon + breast cancer and terrible hot flashes.

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breast cancer survivor Says:

Yes they sell bellergal in canada. I live in BC and have taken it for years. It was unavailable about 10 years ago but became available again. I had breast cancer also and bellergal helps with terrible hot flashes.

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Bradley Says:

uhh. My doctor just perscribed this to me. I am a man and notice mostly females take it for hot flashes. Anyone find this odd? Just took my first one.

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GP Says:

I have been taking Bellergal S for 30 years. It is off the market BUT it can be compounded. I get mine from the Pill Box in Weston, Florida. Good luck. I've tried to get off because it's too hard to wake up in the morning but I get wicked migraines if I skip it.

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Doc Says:

Re: Bradley (# 18) Expand Referenced Message

I'm male and have had uncontrollable migraines since 1993. Took bellergal and it cut down my migraine headaches. Found a pharmacy to compound the medication but have to pay out of pocket. Service con texted for migraines. VA doctor writes the script and I get it myself. I think it's incredibly screwed up that I'm100% service connected and I have to pay for the only thing that helps control the intensity of the migraine

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Kim Says:

Re: judy gutierrez (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

I used bellergal for hot flashes. Do u know if this spasrin helps with those? I’m desperate ??

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Sue Says:

Re: Kathy (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

No, hopefully not, Kathy, but if you’re 65 years old and have had hot flashes/sleep problems for 25 years already, it’s important to know that there are women who are 80 years old who still have hot flashes! That would FEEL like forever!

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