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severe stomach pain

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Jeannette Says:

I went to the ER on Sunday for Stomach pain more like cramps, my doctor gave me belladonna tablets, but they are not working just making me sleep. He diagnosed me with muscle spasms, I don't think this is the problem or maybe i should have been given something else

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David Says:

Hi Jeannette,

The pill you were given is usually used to treat grastro-intestinal disorders. It may also be used as an anticonvulsant.

You can read more information about this drug in the link below:

If you were diagnosed with muscle spasms, I don't think this is the correct drug of choice either. More or less if you are experiencing gastrointestinal disorders, it is very likely to be associated with your digestive system being compromised by certain foods you are consuming. In this case it would be worth while to research different foods (primarily fruit) that will help you overcome it as well as any muscle inflammatory issues. There are many natural foods that have an anti-inflammatory effect without the side effects of prescription drugs.

Do you have any other questions or concerns related to this? Please post back if you do..

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