Being Dismissed Due To Husband Of 32 Years Stealing My Medicine Even With Proff, Now I Have No Doctor And Going To Go Through With Drawals


I live in Fairfield Township Ohio. I was dismissed because my husband of 32 year's stole my pain medication. I pressed charges he went to jail, showed the doctor the reports and he still dismissed me! Now I have NO doctor and am going to go through major withdrawals, I have even been told I could die due to this and still can not get help, I do not know what to do. I do not take this medcine for the fun of it I need it for chronic medical conditions and no one seems to care, I can not get into another pain management for 2 to 3 months and my family doctor said she could not write the perscriptions until I can get in to see some one else. I do not know what to do, where to go, or anything else. I have 3 day's of medicine that he did not get. that's all!! can anyone out there tell me what I can do, or where to go or what to do I do not have a clue. I lost a 32 year marriage over stupid drugs that he does not even need, he said it gives him engery! well they dont me! I need them for REAL medical condition's. I NEED HELP AND IN THE WORST WAY. THANK S TO ALL THAT MAY BE ABLE TO HELP ME.

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Verwon Says:

I am very sorry about the situation you are in.

As to what you can do, the only thing I can really suggest is that if the withdrawals get severe, you should go to your local emergency services facility. They are required to help you there, if you are not stable and may be in danger.

Your regular doctor, however, isn't. They are all only required to provide treatment if you are actually in life threatening danger.


Does anyone else have any advice to add?

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formerpt Says:

Dr. Michael Grogan located in Florence KY.....Not that fair from Fairfield. Good luck!

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Toni Says:

I wonder what happened...I hope you update. If something like that happens again (my stepson stole meds from me) and ssd difficult as it may be, you must file a police report. That is the only proof you need to continue with proper medication. I hope it all worked out for you.

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TV Says:

I, too, had meds stolen from me by my step-son. In order to receive new meds, I had to file a police report & give it to my Dr. as proof they were stolen. It's a tough decision, but it's not your fault!
Take care, everyone. Hang in there... Better days are coming.

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Karen from columbus Says:

Dear stolen from my name Is Karen & I live in Fairfield co. In Pickerington Ohio. I'm not sure if this is an old thread , just saw it on here @ bottom said updated o of 15. If u still r on here or recieve my letter. Please let me no. Maybe I can b of help. I've been moslty on another meds chat group. Same stuff just fresher & more info. Hope u r well & sorry 2 c u r having problems 2. My best as always. Hope 2 hear from u

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johnny Says:

I'm sorry about your situation and I hope you have another doctor by now, but if you still need someone to prescribe you the meds I have a great doctor in fort Mitchell, ky. It's only a 30 minute drive from you. I live in batesville, in. And it takes me about an hour to get to him. He is with st Elizabeth physicians and his name is Dr neel Desai. The number is (859) 341-3114. He is a PCP and you can get in to see him very quick and easy. Its about 104 dollars a visit but he will give you 180 every 30 days. Good luck to you.

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PAM Says:

I live in Fairfield Township also! I had the SAME THING happen to me, but that was year's ago, but I also was just dismissed due to the LAB GETTING MY U/A MIXED UP THIS TIME! I had a GREAT doctor that I had seen for year's, until this occurred. I had NEVER missed an appointment, never been late, always paid on time, trusted him highly which is rare, NEVER failed a U/A! THIS WAS TOTALLY THE LAB'S FAULT!!! I did a U/A, it showed NONE of MY medicine, it showed SOMEONE ELSE'S, but he would not even give me another drug panel to prove to him I was telling him the truth. I had NO REASON to lie to him, I have NEVER lied to him about ANYTHING!!! That would have only hurt me, no one else! I am almost 60 year's old, have 6 grandchildren, and a lot of chronic medical problems. I did get into another pain management doctor, but it took me 2 months just to get into him for a consultation, then I have to wait up to 2 more week's before he will prescribe me anything, which I do not understand that at all! He is a great doctor and he will help you, the name of the office is Cincinnati Pain Clinic, doctor Jobaila, he is right by the new Bethesda Butler Hospital, on Hamilton Mason Road. He does require a referral but he is a GREAT doctor!!! I asked him if I could take another U/A, I did not even know I had to take on that day so there was NO WAY I did not pass! I have NEVER failed one. I never ran out of my medicine, never asked for early refills, I NEVER did anything to be dismissed by him! He should have at least gave me the benefit of the doubt, I was and am willing to take a drug panel any time day or night, I do not and have not EVER missed used my med's! I can not even believe he has done this to me after all the year's I have seen him! He should have known better!!! If you want a good doctor go to him! You will be very pleased, you do need to do what he tell's you to do, I did that also! I just don't understand how he could just cut me off every thing as he did, I have been on some really heavy med's for the past years and he would not even give me enough until I could get into some one else, I did NOT want to switch doctors at all, IT WAS 100% THE LABS FAULT!!! You will like him a lot! now I have to go to someone all the way in West Chester! I can now barley drive or get a ride from anyone, but I have no choice! THIS IS ONE THING HE WAS 100% WRONG ABOUT!!! As I said he is a GREAT doctor! I hope this helps you.

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PAM Says:

Dr. Jobilia's office is closing in October! I also went to him. He was a great doctor, but they got my u/a mixed up at the lab also, he cut me off, would not even talk to me, I had been going to him for year's also, NEVER did ANYTHING wrong! I am in the same mess!!! I also live in Fairfield Township, so if anyone can help either one of us please let us know!!! Thank's to anyone that may be able to help!!!

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PAM Says:

I also live in Fairfield Township with A LOT of medical problem's. I just had to have surgery Tuesday for major nerve damage, all I was prescribed was 5mg of pain med's when I take 30 mg just for break through pain 4 times a day, not to mention the rest of the medicine I have been on for the last 6 year's! I do not know what I am going to do either! I also went through the same thing you did, but I was in the hospital on a feeding tube, went to the bathroom and my husband of 38 year's stole my medicine!!! I have chronic pancreatitis, bad hip, bad knee, need L4 and L5 spinal fusions, I went to one PM doctor in West Chester and he refused to see me due to the medicine I had been on??? It didn't matter I was taking NOTHING when I went to see him, WHICH MADE NO SENSE AT ALL!!! I do not know what is wrong with these doctor's, they want to be a doctor, but they do not want to help anyone!!! I know their are people out there that do use them, but it is not fair to the one's that don't, such as us!!! I have all my paper work, my test's, M.R.I.'s you name it, I got it proving every thing is legit and it still does not matter to them!!! To wait 2 to 3 month's to even get into seeing a doctor is just CRAZY!!! and then to be told they will not see you, what are they even there for! People need help, and NO ONE wants to help us and I do not understand why? If they do not want to do their job's, and help people they way they need to help people, they need to change job's!!! If you do ever get into anyone that will help you PLEASE let us know, I am in a wheelchair, sleep in a recliner (I have a hospital bed, but can't even sleep in it) I have done EVERY SINGLE THING THAT I HAVE BEEN TOLD TO DO AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS TO US! I will NEVER understand, and to be stabbed in the back by your own husband is just unbelievable! My hart was BROKE!!! Still is, to think he could even THINK about doing some thing as low as that us just unreal!!! I wish you all the luck in the world, my prayers are with you, and every one else going through thing's as this. If I find anyone that will even take me as their patient I will let you know, and I hope you do the same for me, but Cincinnati Pain Management is closing in October! West Chester Pain Clinic, is the one that just flat out refused to see me, and for NO reason at all!!! I don't know what we are suppose to do! GOOD LUCK TO YOU AND ALL

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