Be Careful With Saphris Over The Long Term

goldengal Says:

My grown son began taking saphris 17 months ago.Although it helped him mentally very much,he gained over 50 pounds during this period and most important for people to know,he now has Type 2 diabetes caused by the saphris.This was stated by his doctor.His blood glucose levels were normal before this medication.
PlEASE,anyone on this med,make sure your weight and blood glucose levels are monitored every 3/4 months. If you become very thirsty and have a continuous weight gain see your doctor and slowly stop taking it. Now my son is on 2 diabetes meds. Had his blood glucose been taken after a few months on saphris, if it was rising,he would have immediately been put on another medication. There should be very strong warnings to always monitor blood sugar levels even without a weight gain.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Goldengal! How are you?

I am very sorry about that happening to your son. There are possible risks associated with any medication and there's no way to predict who may experience complications from any of them.

However, your warning for others is greatly appreciated. Most people do not ever really read the possible effects of any medication that the are prescribed.

How is your son doing, now?

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goldengal Says:

Thanks Verwon for your concern,
My son is now on 2 diabetes medications,metformin & onglyza. He also takes a blood pressure medication,miscardis,because his pressure was so high due to the significant weight gain from saphris. These new meds are in addition to other pills for his mental health issues. Thankfully,I live in Ontario,Canada,where doctors visits,etc.are free.All his meds are also $2 each. Instead of saphris he is now taking Latuda,but the doctor is checking his blood sugar levels in a month,which I believe should have been done with saphris to possibly avoid his getting Type 2 diabetes. He also sees a number of doctors,including a diabetes doctor.And he will be attending a Diabetes Education Centre at our local hospital. And all covered by our government health insurance. There is a possibility his condition can be reversed with proper treatment & weight loss. But I realize now that all new medications must be closely monitored to address any serious side effects.
Thanks again for your response.

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