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Bayrocin antibiotic

Is this Bayrocin pill really the generic brand of the Baytril or should I throw them away? I do not want my boy to get more sick. That was the question to the Bayrocin tablet/enrofloxacin... Thank You! ## Both Bayrocin and Baytril share the same active ingredient Enrofloxacin. It is an antibiotic used in veterinary medicine. ## I have a 19 month old Male GSD Dog. He is suffering a problem in all legs i.e. swelling between fingers with red colour and after few days some liquid just like water comming inside. ## Bayrocin and Baytril are the same. Bayrocin is not generic. It's Bayer's product as is Baytril. Only the name is changed. ## Hi, I have a bird (budgie) with a broken or sprained leg. Recently, A vet prescribed her this medicine (Bayrocin 150mg). He said a quarter of a tabl...

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