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My mother (age 50) has hepatitis B. She is on Baraclude (Entecavir). Recently she was diagnosed with high blood pressure and her doctor prescribed LN beta 2.5 mg. Is there risk of any side effects or drug interactions when this is taken with Baraclude? ## All medications carry the risk of causing side effects. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination, and hypotension. How is she doing, now?

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My liver size is enlarged and doc suggested udiliv*150 gor 1 month it is good for ## My liver size is enlarged and doc suggested to take udiliv*150 for 1 month its correct for me but what diet I shud follow or what food shud I eat pls let me no that ## Is diareah is symtom of liver damage ## Hello Doctor, last year in July I was diagnosed with GERD, acidity issue. I have been consulting Gastroenterologist and had NEXPRO RD 40 whenever required. Now 2 weeks backs again I started feeling acidity in my throat and sometimes I felt pain in abdomen towards right whenever I used to skip any meal for hours(breakfast,lunch or dinner). Now I have got ultrasound done for full abdomen and everything is fine except I have minor stones 1 to 3mm in my gall bladder and doctor has adviced me to take Eso...

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My brother-in-law has been sufferring from liver cirrhosis for the past two months. Is baraclude used for liver cirrhosis treatment? ## Hello, Madhu! How is he doing? No, Baraclude is an antiviral medication that's most commonly used to treat Hepatitis B. Did his doctor prescribe it?

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