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Lynn Pain Says:
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Need advice! I came to this site with the same issue, over a year ago - I'm one of unlucky people that has extreme sensitivity to "fillers" in most white colored norco 10-325 generic. I FINALLY found the dark yellow Qualitest. It was a VERY PAINFUL 3 month struggle! Now, with currant conditions, can't find this brand anywhere near me! Really need HONEST advice regarding any generic manufacturer that is well tolerated by ONLY PATIENTS WITH MY SIMILAR ISSUES PLZ. The malencrap & aurobindo were the worst. They gave me migraine headaches & sick to stomach. If someone has similar issues AND KNOWS OF A BRAND that is GOOD, please let me know. I'd be grateful. If need be I can have my Dr change the Rx to Vicodin or Vicoprofen. I just need a GOOD manufacturer name to request!! Please, only comments from the last year, and spare me the generic comments by the "moles" that they're all the same, because I KNOW BETTER. I DO HAVE SEVERE PAIN ISSUES & really need the honest info & thank you so much, if I get it!!

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VerFree Says:

LOL! I understand, and no, not all Norco are the same, the active ingredient must be the same between the name brand, and generics, but the fillers can be totally different, as long as they are on the FDA approved list.

The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, constipation, and dry mouth.

Unfortunately, since I rarely take this, I am not aware of any generics that might be a good option for you to try, I just wanted to comment to clarify that all medications are not necessarily identical.

Can anyone else recommend one that she should try?

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Help Not Hinder Says:
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I had a similar instance. If you are having adverse effects due to the fillers in generics you should be able to go to your doctor and have them write a prior authorization for name brand. That way you are not charged full price. Your insurance will cover name brand exactly the same way they did generic with a prior authorization. No one should have to suffer while taking any medication. Just explain your circumstances to your doctor and they should have no problem sending over a prior authorization. I hope this helps you the way it helped me.

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Roro Says:
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Qualitest was bought out by par pharmaceuticals.... par closed the qualitest plant in Alabama... the par co. has plant in NY that made 10/325 that did not work for me .... I prefer the qualitest as well but I as well can no longer find them ... I had a small pharmacy that got them for me until about Jan of last year but then a couple months later went out of business ...

When I could not find the yellow qualitest I started looking for the 2nd best ones that helped me which were the Watson brand ... only to find out another sub quality (in my experience of meds not working for me) bought out watson brand as well .... it appears companies that make products that do not work (at least for me) are buying the companies that actually make a decent product .... I just wonder do they get the money to purchase these decent product producing companies by saving money by not putting the active ingredients that people are paying for in their products ????

I would say a food & drug investigation is needed but the federal govt is so jaded against opioid medication they would probably applaud a fraud of selling opioid meds without the opioid ingredient in them ... after all they dont care about the patient that has done nothing illegal & took their meds as directed ... the govt did there typical actions to unsuccessfully stop heroin overdoses by PUNISHING THOSE THAT HAVE DEBILITATING PAIN by making it impossible for doctors to prescribe the needed pain meds to allow them a somewhat decent lifestyle .... they never have a normal life pain meds never remove all the pain but they can reduce the pain to allow some kind of decent life .... I was on 75mcg fentynal patch every 48hrs & 6 10/325 norco (qualitest usually) and I still had days I could not function because of the pain but most days I could at least do daily things most people consider mundane tasks such as vacuuming ding dishes & so on household chores (yes it hurt but I could do them) now they have me reduced to only 5 10/325 norco a day (malk) which barely do anything I try to use disposable flatware & dishes (not easy on less than $1k a month ... but anyway why are the junk companies buying the decent companies & where & how do they raise the money to do so ... are they selling fraudulent drugs without the drug advertised as being what the drug is or in such a small amount that they are making huge profits by defrauding the public & where is the consumer protection law enforcers at & why are they not stopping this fraud

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Rawdog Says:
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You might have to switch to either the oxycodone 15mg with no acetaminophen or you can try Zohydro witch is all hydrocodone no acetaminophen but name brand only let us know what works best for you

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BAC Says:
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I’m sorry for you!!! I’ve been through 13 orthopedic surgeries in 6 years!! 4 in the last 100 days! I’m barely off and have to have another surgery. I’ve been saying for years the Generic drugs are Killing US! I’ve had to just quit and HURT! I’m writing everyone I can! I’m really working on using Essential Oils and old Remedies, diet and I make a tea at night. I’m 65 and tired of battling this so I made up my mind it’s up to me! I hurt bad but I’m reacting to everything NOW!! Good luck

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RB Says:
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There is no way they can control who they get stuff from with the new DEA Qouta system. Everything is not manufactured anymore bulk, it is spread out now to hundreds of different manufacturers with a different generic of Norco every single time I go to the pharmacy. Also, I've had this problem at my old pharmacy and also my new one.
They dont seem to understand the consequences that changing generics every month has for some people like apparently you and me.
Its very frustrating

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Roro Says:
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Re: RB (# 6)

If your pharmacy told you that... it's time for a new pharmacy. It's info is not accurate. My guess is they buy the cheapest norco on the day they order from their supplier.... I have been on norco for 20 years and had many discussions with how the delivery system works.... the store has a distributor and that distributor has a variety of brands they can get from their distributor (not all brands) if your pharmacy keeps jumping brands they are more than likely more concerned with profit than quality and/or consistency... may have had only 1 pharmacy in 20 years pull that crap & I changed stores & I advise you to change... in the last 5 years I have received 2 brands both uninterrupted. Until par closed the qualitest production facility in Alabama & my pharmacy close in the beginning of 2019 so I had to change pharmacy & I could not find the yellow qualitest anywhere (not sure if par discontinued them upon closure of the facility that made them) but since changing I have gotten mallinckrodt every time I filled the script since I started the new store.

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Nivram Says:

Just the opposite here. Anything that’s yellow makes me sick to the stomach + vomiting. Only the white tablets don’t make me throw up, but we’re at the mercy of the damn DEA in their allocation, and this opioid epidemic BS. It’s not the opioids causing the ODs it’s the fentanyl and the heroin. God help us.

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Catjahn Says:
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I went through the exact same thing 2 years ago when my pharmacy changed manufacturers without telling me! I knew something was different immediately ~ wrong color, wrong shape, absolutely no pain relief. I got SO sick and I was stuck with them for 30 days. At that time I was totally unaware that all generics ARE NOT the same. I had to argue with my pharmacist who insisted there should be no difference ~ wrong! I think one of the brands was Solco and another Lupin (7.25/325). Both of them gave me a bad pain in my upper stomach and 0 pain relief. So I started to do research myself. I read through hundreds of similar complaints on here. I tried a few different ones ~ Mallinkrodt in 5.25/325 worked ok but I didn’t want to take that many as I was taking 1 1/2 tabs 4x day, so 4 10mg/day. I had to find a 7.25/325 that worked. After reading A LOT of comments I decided Endocet sounded pretty good, so I asked my pharmacist if he could order them and he couldn’t so I checked with a larger chain (Hyvee) and they could order them. I’ve been on them since with NO nasty side effects and decent pain relief. Of course, no Percocet is going to give you 100% relief, but they’re the best I’ve found. One thing I did find out is anything made in China is CRAP!! Who knows what they put in them for fillers, could be plastic! So stay away from ANY drug made in China. The FDA cannot possibly monitor the hundreds of thousands of drugs that are made there. Basically, these generics are making people sick all over the country but you never hear about that ~ just complaints on the cost. You have to be your own advocate!! You can ask your doctor to specify the brand you want ~ most people don’t know this! You may have to check more than one pharmacy to see if they can get them. India is also not great but I would take them over China! Any other country should be find. You HAVE TO FIND OUT WHERE THEY’RE MANUFACTURED #1!! I’ve stuck with Endocet for almost 3 years and I hope they continue to be available or I’ll have to start all over again ~ not a pleasant thought. Good luck!!

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RB Says:
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Re: Rawdog (# 4)

I am one with this problem most definitely when my pharmacy plays a Merry go Round with the Norco. Every month it is different. I find one very effective and was taking it and suddenly things changed. I saw the strangest looking pill ever as far as shape and a number I've never seen before. Also, the information on the bottle for identifier was incorrect. The numbers on the bottle were not on the pills inside it. It had 110 I think. So I looked it up, sure enough it supposedly is Norco. I find arebundo and amneal completely useless and talked to my Doc about this problem. We discuss going to the Norco non generic which he said no insurance will pay and by law the State Pharmacy in my state is required to dispense Generics.
We did not discuss changing medication, he did not bring it up and neither did I. We are seeing how things are going and they arent changing much.

I take Norco 4 or 5 times daily 10mg. How many times a day would I need to take Oxycodone ? 3 times because if it reduces my intake I might ask him next time what he thinks.

Thank you

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jj Says:

hi. i have the same problem. last 3 months my pharmacy with the 3 alphabet letters have been changing up my meds too. after years of something ThaT worked I've had nothing but issues. you don't even get told you're getting a different brand until you get home and when you take and have an issue they don't take them back and you're suffering next 30 days. they told me that they will not order special meds and get what they get. that's a lie, they pick what they getting and go with the cheapest. anyway to answer your question, the a M ones cause me severe nausea and aren't ThaT effective, the U ones cause me ibs issues, the G ones are totally crap -- ineffective totally, you have to take 2 and then you go through them too fast, the 110 or IP ones are better but i do get headaches from them and the best are the N brand by Lupin pharm. i got those for years , no problems now they're changing them and i cannot get those i have had nothing but problems, sick and minimal pain relief all because of the changing of meds. i think I'll be changing my pharmacy because they don't care and are all about profit and look at you like an addict just because you know what doesn't work when they're the a reason you know because they're changing on you every month! then to top it off you're told they 're all the same!!? lol. NO they 're not! also the Watson ones don't exist anymore nor do the peach V ones. everything went to crap when the new ones started coming out. really they all suck but what can you do? you have to be grateful to get any thing! forget anything stronger unless you've had surgery or definitely in pain management.

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Betsy Rambo Says:
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The fillers! Ask to write for name brand or maybe Mallenkot? Insurance won’t cover without appeal from do as to why it’s medically necessay

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