Bad Zyrtec Side Effects

dawn Says:

When I took Zyrtec I had severe side effects. I was like a zombie in a dream state most of the time. I had severe memory problems. There is several months and I don't remember things at all! The parts I remembered and found out about, and I did things totally against my character! Things that make me sick! I think Zyrtec can be a very dangerous drug! Please has anyone else had similar side effects?

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leeanna Says:

i take zyrtec everyday since i was in 8th grade and im a junior in highschool now and ive never had a bad side effect

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beth Says:

Yes! My ear-nose-throat doctor told me to try it.

Drixoral works the best for allergies, but is almost impossible to get due to the manufacturer not producing it for some suspicious reason. My dr. said Drixoral crosses the blood-brain barrier and affects my brain chemistry. I have taken it for 20+ years with no problems.

So then I tried Zyrtec for a couple of DAYS, and my brain felt clogged up, and I was content to sit around like a zombie. Waste of $!

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nancy Says:

I also had side effects, mostly nightmares and stopped taking it, I'm a Rx Tech. and Claritin (or the generic Loratadine) is really the best for allergies as far as side effects.

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Healing Angel Says:

I have a side effect to Zyrtec that is really strange. I get severe muscular pain throughout my body and must stay or sit completely still until the drug gets out of my system. Any movement is excruciating. I though It may have just been a muscle problem that just happened to occur around the same time as I took Zyrtec so I tested it again on two separate other occasions after that--1 week apart-- and had the same event happen each time. Since thus is not listed as a normal side effect, I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this effect with Zyrtec?

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carole Says:

I have been in the hospital 3 times this year until we found out the problem was Zyrtec which I had taken off and on for a couple of years. Now I get chest pain, intense anxiety, and depression, plus other things such as insomnia.......very, very dangerous drug.

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Greg Says:

I have been taking zyrtec for many years for allergies, and have just recently started experiencing anxiety, heart palpitations, and some dizziness.

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Sara Says:

I am with you on this. I have been on zyrtex for over a week now. I have been in pain. My body does not want to move. It is attacked my muscles.

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Debbie Says:

I'm so glad to reach this website! I have been taking just 1/2 of a Zyrtec a day since the tree pollen started. I am also experiencing Zombie-like side effects! Seems to be getting worse and I was thinking it must be depression. I will try to switch to Claritin and see if it helps this. Thank you so much!

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Clyrene Says:

Re: Healing Angel (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I have the same problem. I have severe muscle pain through every part of my body. I can barely move or walk across the room. What would cause this?

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