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I was prescribed a 3mg Lunesta and it worked very well for its purpose. One of the listed side effects is a bad taste, and yes I did experience that. What I am wondering is if anybody knows how long that's supposed to last - I had a glass of water when I woke up the next morning and the taste was awful! Should it go away soon?

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i had the same result- i couldn't drink anything due to the foul taste in my mouth-i gave up after one tab!! snf no one seems to be able to give me answers. help!!

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I h ad a bad taste in my mouth too but,it wore off by mid morning.I kept taking Lunesta though because it worked so well.

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The bad taste is usually caused by the dry mouth that many meds cause as a side effect, dry mouth tends to make your taste buds hyper sensitive.

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I have been taking lunests for about 1 year and what I do about the taste is cranberry juice. It's wonderful by the morning the medicine taste is gone.

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Lunesta is horrible. That taste drove me crazy, it is beyond dry-mouth causeing hyper sensativity in the taste buds. It gives you a horrible chemical taste. Cranberry juice and orange juice was all that tasted moderately alright. My suggestion: Ambien, slight dry mouth but works just as good in my opinion and no horrid taste. I used Lunesta for about a week till I had to find another route for sleep depravation cause I would rather not sleep than wake up with acid in my mouth!

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I had the same side effect. It never went away so I had to change from Lunesta to Ambien.

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In your experience, would you say that Ambien has worked as well for sleeping as Lunesta ?

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Much, Much Better! I am not a big fan of Ambien CR, because it wakes me up during the night. But just your regular Ambien works great and you can get it in generic Zolpidem. Ambien CR does not come in generic

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I've taken it 4 times and the taste remains there till you have to take it again. It's awful. Nothing made the taste go away. I kept drinking water to try to wash it out of my system but noooo!! Wtf is that?

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I started this pill last night at 9pm...its now 927pm Fri and I still taste that sh#t omg nothing help...metal taste...did any one else start at 3mg? Idk if i want to take another

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This is years later so I hope this suggestion helps. of course take it when you go to bed. Using a capsule of something you don't need. I used a probiotic capsule. Empty out the contents. Put the Lunesta inside and close it back up. Take the capsule with water and eat something on top of the capsule. It helps quite a bit.

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