Baby's Heartbeat Stopped In 2 Days After Taking Isoxsuprine

Carla Says:

I was 34 weeks pregnant to a healthy baby (yes, very healthy, as reflected in the ultrasound monitoring) at the time i was prescribed isoxsuprine (isoxilan) in order to stop premature labor. That was the only drug prescribed and the only one i took 3x daily. 2 days after taking isoxsuprine, baby's heartbeat stopped. I made a research on the drug as i was told that the drug is banned in other countries except for some like 3rd world countries. Upon internet research i was able to read that information and much more as i read that isoxsuprine in some countries is "for veterinary use". What does it mean? Is isoxsuprine a killer drug?


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BL Says:

There are always possible risks to the unborn child when medications are taken. Your dr should have discussed this with you before you took the medication.

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Krishna219 Says:

Hi Carla,

My Doctor prescribed me Tablet Duvadilin , i had complained of pre-term labour and my doctor instead of taking the decision of delivering the child injected me with Duvadilin and presribed me to take tablet Duvadilin 10 mg for a week. After taking tablet for 3 days, my baby's heart beat stopped and i delivered a stillborn child. How i wish i have seen this post of your before. Guys its a humble request to all the pregnant ladies to "DO NOT TAKE DUVADILIN TABLET"

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