Barr 555/490 White Round Pill, Trazodone?

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Trazodone was prescribed for sleep. I am suppose to take 2 at bedtime. This pill has Dan on one side & 5599 on the other. It is a round white pill. I just received my 3 months supply from Medco. These pills are a white round tablet w/ Barr on one side and 555/490 on the other. Could you tell me if they are the same medication.

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gina Says:

I have been taking 100 mg trazodone. Is there something similar with less "hangover effects" in the morning?

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Lisa Says:

I have had the same problem. Medco changed my script also. Trazodone was perfect for me and then the jerks changed it without letting me know. I am going to call my Dr and pay by myself. Screw Medco.

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Verwon Says:
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Just to clarify for anyone else looking for information, the prescribed medication and the pills received with the BARR 555 490 on them were and are the same thing, 100mg Trazodone tablets, the medication was not changed. (NDC 0555-0490)

These people were just provided tablets made by a different company, but they were not given a different medication.

Learn more Trazodone details here.

And no, it should not cause hangover like aftereffects, since it actually an antidepressant that just causes drowsiness as a side effect.

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