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What drugs are in the salicylates drug class? ## Hi Gail, From what I've researched, there's actually quite a few medications within this drug class. Here's a list containing some of the US-based Salicylate medications I could find online: Azulfidine, Amigesic, Bayer, Colazal, Canasa, Dolobid, Dipentum, Doans, Ecotrin, Giazo, Kaopectate, Pepto Bismol, Pentasa, Salflex, Trilisate, and Tricosal. You may notice that it's mostly comprised of arthritis/anti-inflammatory related medications. I hope this info helps answer your question! Is there anything else I can do for you?

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RSD and Rheumatoid A.

I take Azulfidine for Rheumatoid A. but due to a severe crushed foot injury, I have now developed RSD/CRPS and am told anti-inflammatories will worsen RSD. Does anyone have any information on this subject? ## Hi Cassie, I did a little research to see if anyone else who has RSD/CRPS has had any success with natural remedies and I did read on a forum about a lady having success with acupuncture, chinese herbal teas, yoga, cranial sacral therapy, and even meditation! I've personally used acupuncture for a painful nerve in my foot and it really helped! I also read that lavender essential oil can be beneficial. Have you ever looked into using essential oils? If not, here is a link to a site that gives information about specific oils that work well for pain:

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