Azmacort Reviews

Melissa Says:

I have been on Azmacort for 17 years along with Serevent disc. I have breathed free for this whole time minus when I had a cold. I have not used my rescue inhaler in years. Since I have been off the Azmacort and trying other meds I have been miserable. I use ny rescue inhaler 6-8 times a day. Asmanex gave me headaches, Pulmicort was terrible and Advair didn't work either. We have a huge deductable so everytime I try another inhaler, it comes out of pocket. I have also tried Singulair and Zyrtec, but I was so tired I couldn't function. I want Azmacort back. My Asthma was under control for all these years and now I am struggling daily. I wil definitely call the company.

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