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Axiron application

All The Axiron Literature Says To Apply It Only Underarms. Why? Doesn't Other Skin Areas Absorb the liquid? ## Hello, Ron! How are you? The skin there is generally thinner, so more will be absorbed and that is also a safer place to use it in order to prevent its transfer to other people, since it can cause problems for women and children. Is there anything else I can help with? ## So the concern is contact with other people. Not so much that it is unsafe for the user to apply it anywhere. Am I understanding that correctly? ## Started using Axiron July 30th, waiting for arm pits to dry after putting it on blows. Since it's an alcohol based product, and I decided to dry my pits after showering, then applying the T. Much easier this way. It dries completely, then I put my deodorant...

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Axiron makes clothes smell sour if sweating

In the summer my clothing, from the waist up only, smells sour when I perspire heavily while working outside in the Texas heat. The smell is difficult to remove. The underarms of my t-shirt also turn blackish. Can this be caused by the use of Axiron? I am a 70 year old male. ## It is hard to say, since those can just be normal symptoms of sweating, even if you didn't have such an issue when younger, age can cause changes to your body. Although, the Axiron has been known to cause increased sweating in some people that use it, according to the side effects list, but I didn't see anything about an odor. Is this the only medication you are currently using?

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Generic testosterone solution from Lupin

Earlier this year I switched from Axiron to a generic from Perrigo. Results stayed very strong with T count. Two days ago I picked up my script and got a new generic from Lupin. The ingredients appear to be identical. Because I was so happy with the Perrigo product I'm hoping the Lupin is the same. Does anyone know if these two are identical in molecular make-up? ## Hello 50yeargolfer, According to the National Institute of Health these two generics have the same active and inactive ingredients and thus should have similar if not the same results for you. One thing to keep in mind is that active ingredients are not listed in their dosages so there could possibly be a slightly different feeling between the two but ultimately it shouldn't have that large of a difference. Below I h...

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Axiron availability

Pharmacist is telling me supply is not meeting demand and i have a hard time believing that. My script has been backordered now for two and one half weeks. Anyone else having issues? ## Getting ready to turn 40 soon. I've been on various testosterone teatments since I was in my mid 20s. I've probably tried every available treatment and Axiron has been more effective with absorption and boosted my levels more than any other treatment, including injections. My experience with hormone replacement is after a period of time you should stop for another period of time. After consistent day after day application per Dr recommendation, I have always noticed undesirable side effects. Headaches, extreme fatigue, and a general lack of mental sharpness have all appeared after being on the me...

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Axiron & deodorant

I use Mitchum gel and using it first then apply Axiron. It becomes like a glue. Trying Axiron first then apply mitchum worked better. I use a mini fan to aid in drying, but still an issue. What is the best deodorant to use with Axiron? ## I'm sorry, but there aren't really an recommendations made, they just not that the use of deodorant shouldn't interfere with it's absorption. I really think it may just be a matter of trial and error, to see what works well, without leaving you a gooey mess. Have you tried asking a pharmacist for recommendations? They may have some ideas from other users. ## I use old spice deoderant not the antiperpirant deoderant. I use a hair dryer to dry the deoderant then apply axiron. No problems with stickiness. ## I was prescribed Axiron for Low...

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When is the best time of day to apply axiron?

I always shower in the evening after a working day. Is there any reason or downside to applying Axiron at this time and doing so the same time each and every day? ## Hi Dave, Based on my research, the dosing and administration guidelines state the following information regarding proper timing and application: "Starting AXIRON dose is 60 mg of testosterone (1 pump actuation of 30mg of testosterone to each axilla), applied once daily, at the same time each morning. Apply to clean, dry intact skin of the axilla, not to any other parts of the body including the abdomen or genitals" Although it mentions that you should take it "at the same time each morning", I don't think there's anything wrong with taking it in the evening hours. But if you're used to using it i...

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how long does axiron stay in the blood after stopping treatment

I am curious to know how long axiron stays in the blood after stopping the treatment? I heard it stays in for 24 hours. ## How long should I wait after stopping Axiron (due to reaching a Maximum T level) before having a testosterone blood test done in order to get an accurate analysis of my blood work?

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medicare coverage for axiron

I've had prostate cancer about 8 yrs. ago. Before I started on a testosterone supplement my levels were very low. Felt like I ran a marathon every day. No energy. Through trial and error my doctor and I have settled on 5 pumps of axiron a day. All my levels are good. I'll be turning 65 in about 4 months, and I'm trying to find the cheapest way to go on a prescription supplement plan that allows me to continue taking this medication. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Axiron and Urinalysys

I was prescribed Axiron about a month ago and have been taking 30mg every day. I have to take a urinalysis that will test for steroids among other things. Will this make me fail this test? ## If it's prescribed for you, they can't deny you the use of a legally prescribed medication, except for in the cases of certain jobs, such as an airline pilot, or maybe being a pro athlete, where steroids could give an unfair advantage. Thus, you just need to inform them that you are on it, when you go in for the test. Are there any other questions or comments? ## No offense man but thats not an answer to the question i asked. Will axiron show up on a drug test for sreriods? ## I'm taking axiron for Low T. Will axiron show up on a work drug test

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Axiron and Testosterone Suppression

I am new to Axiron and after doing some research I still can't find if Axiron suppresses natural Testosterone production. Does anyone have any information on this? ## The synthetics don't usually suppress production of the naturals, but rather they tend to take over the receptor points, so your natural hormones just don't get used, when you're taking them. Learn more Axiron details here. If you're not producing enough naturally, then it's really not going to matter, since you have to add more in some manner. Is this helping you? ## That does help but I guess I need to explain my full problem. I was afraid to cause I'm looking for help, not a beating. For the past 6 years I've been taking a substance for Bodybuilding that has shut my production down. Withi...

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axiron for 4 months now....

I've been on 2 pumps of axiron for 4 months now and started to get headaches and feel nausea...... I stopped taking it for a few days and felt better and now starting to feel light headed and just not my self but when I take it I kinda feel a little worse so not sure what to do.....I'm out of state now and will be back home next week....please some info thx ## How severe are the symptoms? Learn more Axiron details here. I'd suggest calling in to ask your prescriber, since they'd be the best qualified to help you pinpoint the problem. ## Ok, so it's almost 12 months after your post, what did you do? ## Well ended up taking really low dose some didn't feel like s***. I am now on a compound lotion which I can't take full dose, well first month I did then the hea...

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can I stop using Axiron

I am 41yrs and I used Axiron for about a Month and I have stopped using it for about 2wks now. is there any side effect apart from loosing my libido? Also I have decided to take a lot of vitamin D and Zinc and it seems it has been working alright. Any body have ideas of using vitamins to replace Axiron? ## Hello, Sam! How are you? Has there been any change? There is really no over the counter replacement for Testosterone, but upping some of your nutrients may help improve your levels, though there are no guarantees. Why did you stop using the Axiron? The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, hair growth, and irritability.

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Axiron Side Effects

I was prescribed Axiron for Low T and have been using it every day as prescribed for 30 days now. I have noticed some very positive side effects, such as more energy and increased sex drive. Unfortunately, however, the effects are not all positive. I've been experiencing "peaks and valleys" in the effects of Axiron. Everything I have read about this medication states that the desired results will be noticeable, and the effects will plateau (even out) in approx. 15 days. After 31 days using Axiron, I am still having severe ups and downs--most noticeably with my moods and temper. (I have increased road rage, but on the plus side, I don't cry as much during sex. Lol.) All joking aside, if anyone else has had similar experiences with Axiron treatment, I would really like to ...

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T levels after stopping use

How long (days/weeks) does it take for one's T-level to drop back down to a "low" level once you completely stop taking Axiron? ## One idea to help determine a ball park figure may be to calculate Axiron's half life in relationship to the timing of your last dose. I think the general rule of thumb for many medications is to allow 5 half-lives to go by to ensure that you're clean of a certain substance. However, in this case there are so many other factors that can affect one's hormone levels from moment to moment that I would be hard pressed to even bother measuring it without going in for blood work on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis for a specific period of time to accurately read your T-levels and see what direction they're headed at specific points a...

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How can i afford axiron

I would like to fill an Axiron prescription. My doctor suggested it to me but said because my insurance didn't cover it that it was probably too expensive. But I would like to order because my testosterone level is so low. ## Hi William - From what I can tell you are right, this is an expensive drug because there is no generic for it. You may have a couple of options for ordering this medication to make it more affordable. If your insurance doesn't cover this drug you might try to see if this site's Rx Savings Card might help when you go to fill your prescription. I think it might be something between 8-14% off in the case of this drug and you don't need insurance for it. But that might still be a little steep pricing-wise. Regardless I would get a prescription from your...

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Best application process for a single dose of Axiron per day.

Hello, I am currently on a single application per day. I am not sure if it's best to alternate arm pits or stick to a single armpit. Trying to find the best way to mimic the bodies way of doing it. Eg. As the testicles would/may do it. As well as getting the most out of my therapy. Thanks. ## Hello, Scott! How are you? The product website doesn't specify, it just says to only apply to the underarm, so it seems it doesn't matter, if you alternate or not, unless your doctor has instructed otherwise. The FDA lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache and irritability. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Verwon, thanks for the reply it is much appreciated. FYI I have tried many other forms of TRT. Nebido, Testogel and had side affects...

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Increase in PSA levels

I have used Axiron for 2 years now. T levels are in the 500-600 level on each test. My concern is around my PSA level increasing. In two years it has gone from 1.4 to 2.3....slowly increasing on each test. I am a 63 yr old male. I am concerned about the potential of the T to ignite prostate cancer if there is any in the prostate. Any feedback on this that might be helpful? ## Hello, Bill! How are you? Using Axiron does increase the risk of prostate cancer, which is why your levels are checked regularly, while you're on it. However, your numbers aren't high and some fluctuations can be normal, sometimes it will even vary if your doctor used a different lab from one test to the other. This medication is also reported as being known to cause slight elevations, while a man is under ...

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Dyna ball

You guys are on the same thing them muscle heads and UFC fighters are on no wander you got road rage ## Hi Keith, I'm not sure who you may be replying to when you mention "you guys..."? But Dianabol (Methandrostenolone) is a widely abused steroid. According to an article I read on steroid abuse, some of the most common side effects of Dianabol are listed as gynecomastia, hypertension, high LDL cholesterol, low HDL cholesterol, and excess fluid retention. However, each one of these are said to be avoidable with the right counter measures in place. I'm just not sure what one could do to prevent "road rage" if you will, as a result of increased hormones. Maybe regular counseling would be beneficial to keep people's anger levels in check? ## Hey David, I don'...

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Axiron vs Androgel

Hi everybody, I have been using Androgel for a year now, up and down with it as i have absorption problems, especially if i swim the next coming days. I feel like crap no energy, no libido, etc. I spoke to my urologist who prescribed Axiron. Is it better absorbed than Androgel? Thanks

Axiron temperature

by accident I left my bottle of axiron in my trunk two nights in a row with it being sub 25 degs. Currently on this bottle and not sure if it's in my head or not but I feel a little crappy like low t symptoms . Is it a placebo? The bottle says on it for it to be kept between 55degs-70degs do you think me leaving it in the cold damaged it some how? ## Hello, Joltx! How are you? Yes, it may have caused some degradation, gel or liquid medications tend to degrade faster than solid forms. You may need to speak to your doctor and obtain a new supply. The FDA classifies this medication as a hormonal supplement and its typical side effects may possibly include nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability and anger. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Hi Joltx i just got prescribed Axiro...

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