Axiron/side Effects And When It Works

joeyd0217 Says:

33 year old male. Total T was not low low but 333 and I'm very active, keep in shape, have had ED at times, but think that's from my adderall. Long story short, I see all these posts on different sites about guys taking axiron and the first day or 2 they feel "healed." How is that possible? I understand the peak of test for a couple hrs but u gotta crash no? My doc who is a GP doesn't know crap about TRT I am on my 18th day and he said it won't start working or I won't feel effects of more energy,libido etc for 4-5 months. The first week I was fine the next week, I couldn't get out of bed,no appetite, chills,so tired but couldn't sleep at all!!and mood swings like you wouldn't believe.I thought of stopping it bit first called Dr n he said no way its from axiron 2 pumps daily in a.m. I said every feeling I had is listed in the 1-10? of side effects n he just kept blowing me off saying you r fine. Its a few days after now and I feel a little better but nothing like a whole new man in 2.5 weeks...this is TRT it shuts your body's hormones and takes over....and to top it off I said I'm supposed to get blood work after 14 days its says but my appt isn't until 3 months for blood work again WTF!!!! I need help is this crap gonna work n how long. I'm in shape I look healthy but feel like crap most of time up and down.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Joey! How are you feeling?

If your testosterone wasn't low, why does the doctor have you using the Axiron? The things you've described are all normal side effects of it, as listed by the FDA.

Were any other tests done? It just doesn't make sense to be on this, if it's not actually needed. There are other issues that may cause low energy and mood changes.

Have you tried seeing a specialist?

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Joey Says:

I am at the bottom level of T for my age, but reason I am on it is because my free testosterone was only .35 where it should be more like 17-20...i feel better, but not due to the axiron bc my libido is still low and still dont have a lot of energy..its frustrating bc i workout 4-5 days a week and am am in good shape, eat about 2500 cals daily again finally (overall pretty good) and get in between 75-150g of protein daily, about 75% of daily carbs and low fat diet....i just seem to find it harder to push myself but i do...i am thinking of seeing an endo to switch to cyp or test E shots. If i have been using axiron for about a little over a month now at 60mg total (30mg under each arm at 10am daily) do younthink my natural body producing test has shutdown yet? And is it ok to go straight to injections or would i need to take something like clomid for a month then switch to shots?

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