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avalox/contact sports?

My thirteen year old son(140 lbs) had a strong bacterial infection involving his salivary glands. His face was very swollen. In order to avoid hospitalization(IV), the doctor prescribed avalox. He finished it 2 days ago. When is it safe to return to bball(his passion) w/out risk to his tendons?This is his life and he is distraught. He is an integral part of 2 teams, but we obviously do not want to compromise his health. ## I suggest speaking to his doctor about this, that way you will get advice on the safest time frame. ## i am a 57 y/o female with polycyctic kidney disease post transplant jul 5 2000 and i have been on predisone ever since. ER dr. put me on Avelox for severe sinusitis going into pneumonia a few days ago . i am very concerned about by tendons as i am very active 8 hours...

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use of avalox

my wife's doctor prescribed avalox for a kidney infection, pending results of urine c&s ... any rationale to support that choice? ## nothing ## Yes, there is plenty of evidence to support using Avelox for a UTI, however there are a LOT safer choices for a UTI than Avelox. Avelox Side Effects, while rare, can be absolutely devastating and can cause lifelong disabilities. Personally, with what I know about Quinolone Antibiotics, the class of drugs that Avelox is in, I would never use them for anything but a life threatening infection where there was no other alternative. The side effects are too disastrous to use these drugs for a common infection with so many alternative drugs.

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G1540 white 10

white round tablet ## it is round white pill with g 1540 on one side and other side it has a 10 what is this ## i have the same pill and I think it is my antibiotic Avalox, but I actually spilled 3 bottles of pills while filling my daily meds case and I am unsure as to which is which, but do you ahve the antibiotic Avelox? ## This actually contains 10mgs of Amlodipine, a generic for Norvasc, this is used to help lower blood pressure. Some of the most common side effects include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and headache.

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