Availability Of Brondecon Elixir

Selena Says:

I too have been a long time user of Brondecon elixer for asthma. Because of the stupidity of a few who OD'd with the dosage the rest of us now have to suffer the loss of this extremely uselful medication. The theophylline tablets take more than 30 minutes to work whereas the elixer was very rapid. This is another expamle of something that was discontinued that defies logic.

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Olivia J Says:

My daughter has had it since a very young girl and it is wonderful, now on steroids and that can only be taken for a short peroid of time, did't have to take steroids when on the brodecon for asthma now back to the same old sickness. Y is it that the majority suffer for the minority idiots. When you are very sick and on oxygen and a simple thing from the chemist can work why can't something be done. MMM seriously

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Verwon Says:

Brondecon contained Choline Theophyllinate and Guaifensin.

I am sorry that everyone is suffering, since it is no longer available, but I haven't found any information as to why.

Has you discussed this issue with your doctors to try and find a better replacement?


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Terry Says:

I can.t believe it.s gone. I.ve taken it for 40 yrs i reckon and it did a kick ass job. This new stuff is just rubbish. I.ve taken a whole bottle of the new stuff and it hasn.t done a thing. Totally useless.. we need to get a petition going..haha

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This makes me angry it was so helpful now not available

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Patrice Says:

You have quite the nerve calling someone who died "Their Stupidity" Go to Hell Selena

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