Aurobindo Vs Sandoz Adderall

Christine Says:

Sandoz version of generic Adderall 20mg is the same garbage Adderall generic Aurobindo. I mean exactly the same pill! They stamp a different name on the outside of the bottle, but its all made at that awful Aurobindo cheap/ fake pharmaceutical company, These pharmaceutical companies think they are so smart! You can put whatever name on the outside of the bottle you want... it's still going to be garbage.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Christine! How are you? I'm sorry that you are so unhappy with this medication.

As to the pills, under law, the U.S. FDA requires every company to use a unique imprint to enable identification of manufactured products in case of emergency. Thus, the imprints are not repeated from one company to another. However, the manufacturer listed on the label by your pharmacy could be a licensed distributor and not the actual manufacturer.

What are the markings on the pills in question?

The FDA warns that this medication carries the risk of being habit forming and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, headache, irritability, insomnia, and anorexia.

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Anca Says:

Hello. I would like to know if citalopram by aurobindo is the same as sandoz? What is the difference between those two?

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kenneth Says:

Re: Anca (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

If you have to go with Sandoz, get the peach colored ovals - the pink are s*** and are full of filler and they're Canadian.

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Kelly Says:

I've filed a complaint with the FDA regarding the poison they are distributing. It's pure poison. I've never felt so awful from my Adderall before

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yui Says:

I too thought Sandoz was the best generic, how wrong I was. Took one pill and my whole body aches and cant move without lightning pain, feels like my back will snap in half.

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Clarke Says:

I've said it here before and I will say it again - the very best brand is TEVA - they are "footballs" and peach colored. Ask your pharmacist to order them a day or two before you have an Rx filled. You won't be sorry.

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megalosdog Says:

Re: Clarke (# 6) Expand Referenced Message

Yep you got it. It's definitely the most consistent, mylan is pretty good too although slightly different

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Tely Says:

I personally LOVE Sandoz. Teva had me feeling cracked out.

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Hamster Says:

Re: Tely (# 8) Expand Referenced Message

Just filled Sandoz 30mg for 1st time yesterday...

I have tried Teva/Brand, Teva, Aurobindo, Sun/Northstar, Adderall XR brand, Prasco XR, Mallinckrodt, Corepharma.

I can say - regardless of comments recently that Sandoz "slipped"- these by far have been best. No anxiety, smooth, good concentration...

Now the kicker: Sandoz sold a portion of their generics to AUROBINDO. Yep, that God awful crap made in India.

Question is will they keep both- and if they do- will they mess with Sandoz formula...hmm.

As always, my opinion but really like these Sandoz for their effectiveness and lack of side effects.

Good luck!

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Aurobindo Says:

Re: Hamster (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

Dear Hamster, we are contacting from Aurobindo pharma and we are concerned about your complaint. We would like to know further details about your complaint. You can report adverse event experienced after taking Aurobindo medicine at https:/­/­­contact-us/­adverse-event-reporting/­

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Aguywhocaresaboutothers38 Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

BS. She’s right, the pills are all being messed with. Yes they have side effects. Yes things can happen. So we get laughed at for complaining about a bad pill, but explain people who have had no issue since 1991 with ADD meds. I’m 38! All of a sudden having issues with different generics since managed Medicaid. This is beyond messed up.

You got Purdue, now Rhodes Pharma, making people in more pain and addicted. And you got Aurobindo and other generics making us sick!!! Metal edta detox everyone cause these meds and technology don’t mix! So even if they do have something in them it’s the technology with these binders screwing with us! Metals in our body magnify the low effects of the smartphones and TV and WiFi! All of it! Trust me I spent 3 years 24/7 combining through everything as a single male with no life outside of reading and research and my dog LOL. Ugh this is so evil ... you know mostly only kids are getting Adderall and ADD meds so pharmacists can’t even give back decent feedback on the meds, but pharmacists are blocked from ordering the manufactures of generics with less issues? So explain to me that one? Legal way to give the poor disabled and retired or new medicines people cause Medicaid the horrible crap!!!! Especially if you have a long list or use managed Medicaid or go to CVS! You will get the cheapest most awful adverse causing side affects medications and it’s evil!

But because you’re already deemed mentally unfit or in pain anything in those categories is deemed at risk. Heck, even Ibuprofen is being recalled!

We’re not crazy. We just are having self aware! Adderall and ADD meds gave us such focus and drive that we can tell when it’s doing the complete opposite. So you’re gonna tell me someone who’s taking these meds since 1991! And is 38! Is all of a sudden gonna have issues!


Not cool attacking on those trying to better themselves... the inactive ingredients and binders build up in your system then they keep changing up the meds. People, as someone who used to advocate for medicines and still believe in times they are necessary but when the pros don’t out weigh the cons there is no point in taking them.

I’m sorry everyone is going through these crazy times. Please of course not medical advice, though you can get the supplement online. Get The metal detox and only drink distilled water and take organic vitamins. Hardwire all your devices and limit their use. There’s a connection with the bad generics and the technology. You can call me crazy. I don’t care. Metals and technology don’t mix.

You see how brain washed and mind controlled everyone is! "Oh that’s not possible ... a bad generic? No way. The FDA wouldn’t allow that." LOL are you kidding me? LOL. Yet we’re forced Indian and Chinese generics. Come on.

I know pharmacists who are leaving the field. They can’t live with themselves anymore with all the changes going on and having to not say anything unless asked and when asked most have to shut you down fast.

Ask them? Ask them is it true people are getting manufactures or generics based on coverage. Heck it could be managed Medicaid reserved bottles only for us. But you are definitely getting manufactures of generics based on what coverage you have.

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Marc G Says:

I am a physician and during training had to take physiology, pharmacology, and biochemistry. These subjects prepared me to make this argument. There is something very wrong with Aurobindo's Aurolife Pharma's generic for Adderall. If you look back at the drug's application to the FDA: In 2001 the application was filed to be a generic, but DID NOT PASS. The reason was because, for the 30mg tablets, they were not bioequivalent to the standard of brand Adderall. The company even tried sneaking their other strengths of this drug past the FDA without their own evaluation in hopes that if the 30 passed their was be the presumption that the other strengths would be of the same quality control standards. They were refused because of the poor dissolution standards of the 30mg tablets. 3 months later the 30mg tablet passed as the company had done only the minimum necessary to push the 30 through. They submitted results of the dissolution tests data which somehow satisfied the requirement and not only did the 30 pass, but ALL the other strengths did as well without even having been tested! Someone dropped the ball here and even though I have identified the location and even those responsible for the falsified data I am not going to publicly point fingers. Anyway, bottom line, stay away from the Aurobindo Aurolife Pharma's generic for Adderall. It is not only of poor quality; but as you can see from EVERY subjective patient evaluation of the drug, it causes awful side effects. There is one of two explanations for these complaints.

1. There are chemicals in the drug causing these side effects. Or, more likely,
2. There is no clinically significant amount of biocompatible active ingredients so we are all experienced severe withdrawal from amphetamines. How is it still a legitimate generic you ask? Well, find out who got rich during those 3 months that the drug was being retested, and you'll have those responsible for this.

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BlessedLady Says:

If your medication was manufactured by Aurobindo Pharmaceutical, the problems might be explained at the link below.


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CommonSense Says:

Re: Aguywhocaresaboutothers38 (# 11) Expand Referenced Message

Everyone for the LOVE of God look around and see the shortages AROUND THE country on everything from food to medications and STOP F'N VOTING DEMOCRAT!!!!! They are PURPOSELY running this country into the GROUND.


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BlessedLady Says:

Re: CommonSense (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

A republican president made the situation much worse long before a democratic president took office.

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Joe M Says:

That's incorrect. Sandoz Labs is, by far, superior to Aurobindo. In fact, Sandoz Labs is a Swiss company, a subsidiary of Novartis, which manufacturers a generic Adderall that is, in my opinion, one of the best on the market. However, Aurobindo, an India-based pharmaceutical company, on the other hand, does indeed produce one of the weakest and ineffective generics on the market. It's the worse generic I've ever taken.

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Mars Says:

Re: Hamster (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

I hope you do mind me asking but out of all of them which one would you say was the worse.... I have chronic fatigue syndrome with chronic add and I never realized that the manufacturers really do make a difference. I am barely going to start adderall 30 xr Sandoz since you are right "Aurobindo" was just worthless. I had never really paid attention but now I am going to start to see and write down the differences.

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JP Says:

Re: Mars (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Hi Mars! I’m having trouble with my Teva/brand 20mg IR tablets being on back order and was reading about sandoz because that’s what my pharmacy has in stock. But I wanted to reply to your comment because I’m also someone who suffers from Fibromyalgia & CFS among other things so I felt it important to share my experience with XR capsules with you… don’t lol.

At least for me, it made me very angry for months before my psychologist and psychiatrist figured it out. I had already been in behavioral therapy for about a year before things went downhill so it was very unexpected… for me, my symptoms can be all over the place so XR offered me little control/regulation in terms of the fatigue and you can’t really take more XR mid day but the IR tablets allow me to take as needed. My first dose helps my brain wake up and I take my 2nd dose when I’m getting into the groove of starting my day and I take my 3rd dose late afternoon to help me wrap the day up. If I take my 3rd dose or split it in half often depends on what I’m doing and how I feel. While a lot of peoples symptoms are more predictable and able to be treated with one XR dose, I just found this wasn’t the case for me and the steady release of XR in my system while my symptoms varied from day to day & time of the day just made me so irritable that within a few months I was having really bad mood swings. Like out of the usual scope that I was used to living with fibro/CFS. It was a hellish experience on those blue 30mg XR capsules and after trying all the other generic tablets, my brain chemistry seems to be most compatible with Teva.

If anyone else who regularly took Teva/brand 20mg adderall IR tablets (peach ovals) and tried sandoz could share their experience please! I remember all the awful side effects from other generics (hard to forget aurobindo & corepharma lol) but not so much sandoz (tried it many years ago)… which is why I’m willing to give it another go but this deal they’ve made with aurobindo is making me a tad nervous. Thanks everyone!

{edited for privacy}

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