Aurobindo Lorazepam

islandgirl1947 Says:

Has anyone taken this generic brand of Lorazepam made by Aurobindo pharm? How does it work compared to other brands?

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Optimistic Says:

I refuse all meds made by Aurobindo. I say I am allergic. Idk what they put in the fake adderall they sell but it makes me feel awful so I will go without before I will accept them.

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Becca333 Says:

Following. The only brands I ever tried were leading and watson. Would love to see what other brands are out there

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Optimistic Says:

Re: Becca333 (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Idk about the benzos - Mallinckrodt adderall is really weak, but at least it doesn't give me slamming headaches and nausea. I have to take twice as much though. And I am a lightweight. I used to like Watson meds but I never see them anymore.

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Briards Says:

I also refuse all drugs manufactured by Aurobindo.

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Optimistic Says:

Re: Briards (# 4) Expand Referenced Message

I usually find them at CVS and Rite Aid. Anywhere else I should avoid?

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Briards Says:

Re: Optimistic (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

I always call the pharmacies before I go to see what generics they have, they change often.

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Connie Says:

I think generic benzos are ok. But, other generic psych drugs not all ok like Adderall, Lamictal etc

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Jjimoktoday Says:

No but im getting these 2mg ones from india there white round with markings on one side from delhi calle lorapam no one had heard of them and their crap dont work though the website swear they do . Im in uk and cant get a decent lorazepam any ideas?.

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Kitty kat Says:

It does not work at all. They are an India company cited many times for dirty equipment..

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Khill1070 Says:

Got it last month. First time I experienced anxiety from Ativan; that’s what it’s prescribed for, plus it left me with a hangover the next day. Avoid if possible. Ask your pharmacy to order a different generic or go somewhere else.

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Tyler Says:

It gave me headaches the first day or two I tried it but after that it has been fine. I was just switched from Leading to Aurobindo. There were some recent posts in another thread (the old one about Leading) that said they tried Aurobindo and thought it was good.

Almost all drug companies have been cited for nasty FDA and/or law violations. So they almost all suck in some way. Pick your poison.

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Pete c Says:

Re: Khill1070 (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

M8, Ativan is very strong and HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. Be so so careful as withdrawal is HELL on Earth if you survive. All Benzo's v addictive as you know (I hope) Would love to find a way out of this but there seems only ONE way! And that's not a good option!!

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Leebs Says:

Have tried all 3... would rate them 1. Actavis 2. Aurobindo 3. Leading ( this is what my pharmacy Rite Aid is currently carrying- switched from Actavis).. I’m pretty sure other pharmacies (particularly chains are carrying either Actavis or Aurobindo)...

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Mellie Says:

Re: Optimistic (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I agree! I had the most horrendous experience when the pharmacy switched and gave me an Aurobindo Sertraline instead of Pfizer. Even on the low dose of 25mg (starting dose is 50mg) I felt I had lost my mind! This occurred back in 2015. I am able to get brand name Zoloft through Canada
Pharmacy TG! All is good!

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Becca333 Says:

Re: Leebs (# 13) Expand Referenced Message

My pharmacy usually orders Activis for me because I can not take the Leading brand. They said Activis is in back order till Mid July and can get Aurobino brand. I'm scared on trying new brands. Please tell me something positive about it because what I have been reading about it is not good.

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Leebs Says:

Re: Becca333 (# 15) Expand Referenced Message

I’ve been taking Leading for about 4 months, took about a week to adjust to it and then was fine. Have only tried the Aurobindo for a month and that was fine too. Don’t let the comments freak you out. Consider how many people are taking either and are ok with it. It may not seem as effective to some, but I’m fine with it.

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Em Says:

Re: Khill1070 (# 10) Expand Referenced Message

I've been using the Aurobindo Lorazepam for a few months and it's been fine, but it was refilled yesterday and it's HORRIBLE! Something must have changed. It's giving me great anxiety, a weird feeling in my head (hangover), and the shakes. I'm thankful to know it wasn't my imagination. I mentioned something to my doctor about it.

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Leebs Says:

Re: Em (# 17) Expand Referenced Message

Very sorry to hear that. My rite aid switched to Aurobindo recently from Leading and so far has been fine, even better…

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Mimi Says:

This company manufacture a very poor quality of medicine, I had a bitter experience of using its product Lorazepam . Would suggest to all users never use its any product it uses poor quality of material

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Jay Says:

I second your Aurobindo Adderall take. It’s the worst. I Don’t take the ‘pam but I would probably avoid anything made by ‘Bindo as well.

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