Aurobindo Alprazolam 2 Mg

Veronica Says:

I have taken Alprazolam for months and not had any major problems with its effectiveness. Mylan by far worked the best. But now with Aurobindo brand I feel like I’m taking a "sugar pill". The prescribed dose is 2mg as needed up to 4 times a day. The first day I took all 8 mg, despite not filling them until 5:00 pm. I didn’t sleep that night at all and the next day took just as many, with a tiny slice of relief from my anxiety. Usually I don’t take more than 2.5mg- 3 mg a day. I don’t want to have to depend on anything to help me feel “normal”. I filled this drug 03/23/2021. Please tell me, is anyone else going through the same thing?!?!?

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Optimistic Says:

I think their meds are fake. I refuse to take their adderall because they feel like speed. I got some anti nausea medicine made by them that made me feel like I was going to have a seizure. My pharmacy knows not to fill anything for me made by Aurobindo. I list it as an allergy because something is REALLY wrong with their meds. Please report your experiences to the FDA medwatch.

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Bella Says:

You’re not crazy. I felt the same way and for a while I use to think that they might be putting fillers in them from so many people suffering from anxiety. So to answer your question yes I have felt this way and about half hour later took Zquil and went to sleep. Mind you I have been on xanax for 15 years and am a senior. Funny how you mentioned this because when I recently refilled my new script for the month, it came from Greenstone. I never had that one before but I can see the difference. Yet I can’t understand why I cannot get the brand name just goes by Alprazlom. It’s a terrible feeling to go through this. Let me know if you can switch over to Lorazapan or ask pharmacy about Greenstone. Best of luck!

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Not a lemming Says:

Re: Optimistic (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

It is basically legal speed

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James Says:

Unfortunately, Aurobindo seems to be the go to brand for both CVS and Walgreens. I’ve read some scary things about Aurobindo and lack of quality control. I feel like I’m stuck with them though because pharmacists don’t seem to like people calling around asking about getting a better generic Xanax XR brand. Does anyone know of a way to get Greenstone or Actavis? Thanks.

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KS Says:

I got the best relief with least side effects from the Mylan brand as well. These other generic brands have less effectiveness with much higher incidences of side effects!! Not at all pleased!!!!

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AlprazoFan Says:

Re: Bella (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

Alprazolam is the name of the chemical compound. There is no brand called alprazolam as that would be like there being a soda with the brand name "Cola."

If you're asking why you can no longer get "Xanax" brand alprazolam tablets, originally sold by Pfizer, they are now being marketed under that brand name XANAX which is a registered trademark of UPJOHN US 2 LLC, a Viatris Company. VIATRIS and the Viatris logo are trademarks of Mylan Inc., a Viatris Company.

The proliferation of cheaper, generic alternative have made it so insurance companies much more often will only cover generics and therefore most pharmacies won't even bother carrying the brand name. When a new compound is discovered by a company, they are usually given a brand name contract that allows them to sell the new drug without worrying about other companies reverse engineering the drug and selling their own generic version of the drug for a set number of years. This is when you usually see a large amount of pills with the famous (or infamous) brand name or imprints that usually become synonymous with the drug.

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AlprazoFan Says:

Re: KS (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

There are still very strict guidelines in place for drug companies making generic versions of a compound. Aside from potency standards, the version of the drug being sold can not suddenly cause an entirely new set of side effects.

Do you have anything other than anecdotal evidence of such things happening?

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Marylandmaven Says:

The Aurobindo brand has been the worst for me. I’ve run out several times because I swear it is NOT an accurate/correct dosage and I have need more and more. At times it was like I had eaten a tic tac. Taking a Xanax should not ever feel like you’ve taken NOTHING. I recently switched pharmacies which has Sandoz (not my fave but not bad) and it’s like having actual Xanax again.

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readmorebooks1 Says:

That happened to me the last time I got my Xanax filled. It was the Aurobindo brand and I felt like it was a placebo drug and didn’t relieve my anxiety symptoms. I do better with the Breckinridge brand but my pharmacy stopped carrying that one. I agree with you about how it feels like a sugar pill.

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Megan Says:

I am 100% agreeing with you, I get sick, I feel as if I'm detoxing on these and now this is the only brand that my pharmacy can get?!? Like HELL NO!! I CANT DO THIS! I'm ready to commit myself. Calling Dr Monday am to have him send in rest of months supply or new script for qmg I ea so I can get the ones I need.

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Alix Says:

Re: Bella (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

There is no brand name for alprozolam that would be Xanax made by Pfizer which is like 100 times the cost if you want to pay out of pocket. Alprozolam though is a generic auro is just the many of different manufacturers for alprozolam there’s also sandoz and greenstone and breckenbridge there’s a lot

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